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  1. Glove box light stays on

    Problems & Issues
    I just got my 02 CRV LX a few weeks ago, and I've noticed that when I cut my headlights on, the passenger side glovebox light stays on (there's a slight gap that you can see the light shine through). I tried taking everything out and closing it again, but it still stayed on. It is supposed to...
  2. Roof Box / Top Box for 2008

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    HI Anyone found a good top box for the 2008 model in the uK? Tried a FARAD, doesn't fit with the spoiler!:( Cheers Steve
  3. Glove Box Light

    Problems & Issues
    My wife noticed while riding in our 2004 V that the light was on in the glove box. I do not have anything in their weighing the door down. It just seems that the bounces on the road combined with the way the box is assembled causes the light to come on. Anyone have a similar problem or know a...
  4. needed; recommendation for roof rack cargo box

    Racks, Hitches and Towing
    hi everyone. just wondering if anyone has thoughts about cargo boxes. we are leaning toward a hard cover, and we have already installed one bike rack on the roof rails, wanted to put one more maybe, so we need a cargo box that only uses about half the width. any ideas? pics or links would...
  5. 2006 Roof Rack and Box

    Greetings from a CRV Newbie- I was wondering what would be a good roof rack and roof box for a 2006 CRV with a sunroof visor? Last year our family became the proud owner of an awesome 2006 CRV (silver). It is our first SUV, and we love it! My husband originally owned a '98 Accord, but when it...
  6. Glove Box Light Won't Go Off

    Problems & Issues
    While driving at night, I noticed that the glovebox light on my 2006 stays on even when the door is closed (light can be seen around edges of door). If I put gentle pressure on the door, it goes out. Is there an easy way to adjust the door? I'm sure I can take it to the dealer under warranty...
  7. Glove box light

    Problems & Issues
    Has anybody experienced a problem where the glove box light remains turned on even if it is closed. It happens when the headlamps are on, and I can see the light coming out of the box, even though it is properly closed. Took it the dealer, and he tried some things, but it still didnt work. Is...
  8. Honda crv 2001 Fuse Box

    Problems & Issues
    Basically I want to charge something using the front acc socket. I have a fuse checker and went and bought some fuses but it won't charge anything. The rear acc socket works but not the front. Ive tried switching different fuses into it and it still doesn't work... any ideas??
  9. Thule Ski Box

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I'm interested in buying a 2007 CR-V. I will need to put a Thule ski box on the roof, however it seem as though the antenna is placed in the center of the roof and would interfere with the mounting of the box. Has anyone had any luck mounting a ski box to the roof?
  10. Honda thinks outside the box for stylish CR-V makeover [1.20.7]

    By Royal Ford, Boston Globe Click here to read the entire review from the San Francisco Chronicle