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  1. Accessories
    can ANYONE suggest a replacement bra product close to the original item? What about a firm that would make a bra replacement???
  2. Gen 1: 1996-2001 (UK 1995-2001) CR-V
    still using the original bra on my 1999 CRV (lots of adhesives!). Can anyone help me find a complete bra from old/new stock, or possibly direct me to a supplier who would carry something close to the original. Anyone know of a firm that would make a bra from the original specs?......thanks...
  3. Gen 1: 1996-2001 (UK 1995-2001) CR-V
    any source for new/old stock CRV bras? referral to bras close to the original CRV design, or know of someone who could make a new bra from the original specs?
  4. Accessories
    Went out the other day and saw a 2002 honda crv with this car bra/ hood mask. I know the 05-06 have different headlights and the bra I saw looked like if it was an aftermarket but would the 02-04 fit fine on the 05/06? I've seen other car bras but I really want the one with the two "fins" on it...
  5. Trading Area
    Hey guys SORRY but the bra has been sold :-( I have 2 OEM Honda bike rails, no need to remove the wheel, just place the bike and go. The rails are nice and can fit on Honda OEM racks or even other racks, round bars. The rails are 170$ each from Honda. CRV bra with fender attachment = SOLD 2...
  6. Accessories
    Has anyone installed one? I am wondering how hard it would be to put on and take off.
  7. Accessories
    Hello, I am having a serious problem with rock chipping and other paint related problems on my 2013 Honda CR-V. I am taking the car to be looked at tomorrow so I can get an estimate on getting the hood and front bumper cover painted. After they are done painting it I was going to have them put...
  8. Accessories
    My dealer has suggested I get a 3M clear bra on my new CR-V. He quoted me a price of $895 to cover the front bumper and headlights, about a third of the way up the hood, the back of mirrors, and the cup area under the front door handles. Does that seem like a reasonable price? If any of you...
  9. Trading Area
    Hey I am selling my Bra that was going to go on my CRV, the V is gone so I have no use for it. I am asking for 60 shipped. Here are some pics, once the leather is conditioned and the 2 little rips are fixed, it will be good to go The leather is in good shape.
  10. Trading Area
    Sold Sold Sold Thanks
  11. Accessories
    I'm considering having a clear bra installed on my 2012 Honda CR-V. I just received a quote of $625, which includes 3M film and installation for the hood, fenders, mirrors, and bumper. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of installers in my area. For those of you who have had this done, how does...
  12. Accessories
    I have a black CRV and wanted to see if anyone else out there has a bra on their black CRV. Just wondering how it will look. I did read other comments about the cons of bras like rain and debris getting trapped in there etc. I know theres the clear alternative but it costs quite a bit. If anyone...
  13. Accessories
    Does anyone have a bra they would like to sell. I need one for a 97. PM me with $
  14. Accessories
    Has anyone installed the clear bra on their CR-V? I am seriously thinking about having that put on my CR-V.
  15. Accessories
    Heh ... for your 07 CRV that is!:p Really don't want to destroy the front end of my brand new CRV going to the mountain this winter. Anyone been able to find anything decent? I'm not down to pay $500 for 3M clear bra either.
1-15 of 19 Results