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brake life

  1. Brake Life question

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 2009 CRV EX AWD with @78,000 miles on it. My wife just took it to a tire shop and had new tires put on while I was at work. I had her ask them to check the life of the brake pads. They reported back that the pads still have 70-75% remaining front and rear. I have never had a vehicle...
  2. Brake life question

    Maintenance and Service
    Took my 2010 CR-V AWD to the Honda dealer for an oil change and he said the rear brake pads were worn and must be replaced I only had 33,000 miles on the car. This was the second time he told me that. He told my wfie they needed to be replaced at 17,000 miles and she had new pads installed. I...