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  1. Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    I won't compromise on AWD and complete service records. Given that, should I search for older vehicles with fewer miles, or newer vehicles with more miles? I've read a lot about engine problems on the '17 and '18 so I won't look newer than '16. Thanks.
  2. Vendor Deals
    We just spotted an favorite 1/2" drive torque wrench on sale via The Tekton 1/2" drive torque wrench is rated for 10/150 ft.-lb. and features sturdy all metal construction. With the current 29% discount, it's priced at only $28.50! Read More About The Torque...
  3. Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi Guy's, I'm planning to buy me first car. Can anyone help me me choice is a crv Help me
  4. Shopping & Test Driving
    Hi all, I'm Jasmin, and it's first post here, so guess this is an intro as well! Me and my g/f are moving in together soon, and as our current car will be wildly inpractical for the road trips and weekenders we want to do, as well as for travelling with pets, it's got to go. We are looking at...
  5. Gen 1: 1996-2001 (UK 1995-2001) CR-V
    So, im getting a 2000 CRV LX (4WD) with about 50,000 miles soon. I would like to do a series of mods, one of the first being lifting it and putting it on some larger off-roading wheels and tires. I was wondering if anybody knew a good budget 2.5-4" inch lift kit? Also, is there anything to...
  6. Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    It's that time of year again and I'm looking for some good winter tyres for my 2012 CRV however I'm on a budget so don't want to spend too much, but i also want something that is safe and good on gas. So has anybody got any bang for buck budget recommendations for winter tyres? Thanks.
  7. Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    I have two questions... We bought a used 2012 CR-V EX model which medium grade Michelin tires installed by the previous owner. Does any body know recommend tire pressure settings that would help to reduce road noise? Also we are looking at getting new winter tires sites anybody know...
  8. Brakes, Tires, Wheels, Steering & Suspension
    The tyres on my 2006 crv are coming up for replacement, last time I did this I put some new Bridgestone dueller tyres on ( same as standard) and they don't seem to have lasted that well. I don't drive the car that hard so was wondering whether it makes sense to pay the but extra and go for...
1-8 of 8 Results