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  1. Official Honda Canadian Service Bulletin N60/61

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    These pictures were snapped at a Honda Dealership and shared on the CRV Facebook Page. Note - these are not my pictures so no credit needed for me but thought I would share for those not in the FB group. The first page is pretty interesting and answers some of the questions and theories flying...
  2. Recall and Technical Service Bulletin List

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Recalls You can see if a recall applies to you by entering your VIN at or Information below is for U.S. recalls 17-027 (5/18/2017) Safety Recall: 2017 CR-V Certification Label Affects CR-V Manufactured between...
  3. 2013-14 Heater Core Failure & Service Bulletin

    Dear Honda:
    Dear Honda. I have a 2013 CRV bought in 2014. 30500 miles. The car is pristine and all services have been completed to date. There is no heat on the driver side of the car. I have a feeling that most 2013 and all 2014 CRVs no matter what package will at some point suffer from this. The heater...
  4. A/C Service Bulletin

    Dear Honda:
    Got the CRV A/C repaired the other day. Interesting story... It turns out the A/C relay failed, taking out all the A/C system components! REALLY BAD DESIGN! A $22 part should not cause the other components of the system to fail catastrophically in this manner, resulting in damage to $1200 worth...
  5. service bulletin on 2026 CR-V CVT....

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Just yesterday I received the service bulletin (Product Update 2015-16CR-VDTC P1890) about the potential problem with slippage of the CVT at highway speeds. I learned, after reading this thread...
  6. 2015 vibrations honda service bulletin 15046

    Problems & Issues
    Good afternoon, this is my first post on this site so I am hoping that I don't break any rules. The reason for my post is that I need a little information on the Honda CRV 2015, an SUV which I am hoping to purchase next year. I have been doing a lot of research on the internet and when reading...
  7. 2015 CRV Vibration - Service Bulletin

    Problems & Issues
    So for a few weeks now I have felt like my car is idling "rough". It comes and goes so I was dreading taking it in to the dealership because it would probably not to choose to do it then. Today it was doing it really bad and I was going past the dealership so I decided to stop in just so they...
  8. 2012 CRV Battery issue - Service Bulletin 14-071

    Recalls, TSB's & Notices
    2012 CRV Battery issue - Service Bulletin 14-071
  9. '07 CRV AC Problem-question about the bulletin and warranty

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, I posted a reply to the Bulletin thread, but due to the urgency of this, I wanted to make a separate thread here trying to find a resolution: Welp, wife complained after coming home last week that her A/C was turned on, but only blowing the same kind of air she would get from using the...
  10. NHTSA Service Bulletin 12-013

    Recalls, TSB's & Notices
    This TSB is for problems with dash/navi/display lights dimming when headlight switch is in AUTO.. Does someone know the full description of the problem? Thanks
  11. service bulletin PDI

    Problems & Issues
    Looking for Service Bulletin PDI information Pls
  12. svc bulletin #12-072 Warrant Extension: A/C Compressor Clutch 2007-2011CRV

    Recalls, TSB's & Notices
    I recently received an advisory notice from Honda that they are extending the warranty (7 years/100,000 miles) for the A/C Compressor Clutch on my 2010 V to "increase confidence in your vehicle"....great....what happens when it goes out in 7 years and 1 month? It sounds like A/C problems...
  13. Bulletin on Oil Pump

    Problems & Issues
    My 08 EX-L is at the dealer today for a checkup. One of the things I wanted a diagnosis on was this whining/buzzing sound when I start the engine. The noise happens when starting from cold, never after warmup. I have just over 50,000km. They just called me and said that it's the oil pump, and...