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  1. Loud bump in rear, right side

    Problems & Issues
    Just recently started hearing loud bump from rear when hitting a small bump in road. It is not a metallic but rubber or plastic. I have completely removed the spare tire, and no change. It seems to be worse when I leave home, and then the bumping sound seems to occur less. I had been under the...
  2. Juddering after hitting a small bump or pot hole

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi new member here. I have a problem with a judder after i hit certain bumps and pothole on my drive to work. Its a 2002 AWD EX has 189k on it now. I have changed new driveshafts fronts and struts and shocks front too and got 4 wheel alignment do also. i looked at the rear diff mounts and the...
  3. Bump+Turning= Humming Noise & Starter?

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2013 CRV with 16,000miles on it. (I drive 100miles a day to and from work). I bought it brand new @ 18 miles. I just had the VTC replaced, it went bad at 4,000 miles and had been fighting Honda dealerships over getting it fixed. Most said it was normal. Even got corporate involved...
  4. 2007 Vehicle Stability Assist - Speed Bump

    Problems & Issues
    In my 2007 EX AWD, when I go over a speed bump at work the VSA light flashes and I hear this drivetrain noise from the back. Maybe this is normal. I don't know what the VSA does but it sounds awful...
  5. hit a bump and wont start

    Problems & Issues
    last night i went over a curb and something scraped on the rear end then the car was still running but at a very low idle and about to die then i shut it off and not whenever i try to turn it back on it cranks like its going to start but it doesn't and it seems like gas isn't getting to the...