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  1. CRV rear end jumps around/dips over bumps (2010 AWD EX w/150k miles)

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    My wife told me that the rear end of her 2010 CRV EX (AWD w/150k miles) has been jumping around. Feels like the rear end jumps around, and maybe dips to the right, over bumps. Both jacked it up AND put it up on ramps, but didn't see anything unusual in the front or the back suspension. Has...
  2. Dampers, Bushings and Bumps in the Night

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    My CR-V (tan) has had a strange sound from the front since I bought it, and only when leaving the driveway. Nothing seems loose, the stabilizer bar connectors are all intact, etc. But it has been minor enough that I haven't bothered to track it down. The blue CR-V, though, has a knock in the...
  3. Rattling noise under car when going over even the slightest bumps

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, my 2012 crv ex has started making a bumping/ rattling noise when going over tiny bumps. I can't tell if it is coming from the front wheels or the back. The dealer said they couldn't find anything wrong with it, but it is getting worse. Has anyone else experienced this?
  4. 2001 CR-V squeaking noise in rear going over speed bumps

    Problems & Issues
    I'm not sure how long this has been happening as I just bought my CR-V a week ago. When I go over speed bumps, there are noticeably loud squeaking noises coming from the rear on both sides. If I drive over a speed bump slow enough then there's no squeaking. Also, there's no squeaking noises...
  5. 2007 CRV - Front Suspension Noise - Over Speed Bumps Only

    Problems & Issues
    Hello Team, My right side front suspension makes a clank-clank noise when I go over a speed bump. No noise at all during normal driving. Took to my local repair shop. So far, replaced strut, strut mount, compliance bushing, and stabilizer link. Still have the clank-clank. Going back to...
  6. 2015 CRV Floor pan vibrations on small bumps

    Problems & Issues
    Hey Guys, I am new and did not see anything about this yet. The suspension seems to work pretty well on the heavy stuff, but when the road has slight imperfections its as if the shocks (or struts) are to stiff to mellow out anything and it gets sent right into my feet and seat. is this normal...
  7. B pillar clicking/ticking when driving over bumps

    Problems & Issues
    Hello. I have a 2005 EX that has developed a click/tick in the left side B pillar when going over bumps. It sounds like it's coming from the seat belt shoulder adjuster area. I have removed the trim and tried to figure out what the problem is. So far I have done the following, but the noise...
  8. 2002 CR-V: Drivers side "clacking" over speed bumps and loud FWY squeaking?

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys, so this is a problem which has been getting increasingly worse with my V: It started with a clacking when I'd brake but then soon developed into a loud, violent "clacking" noise when I go over speed bumps at low speed. Now when I am traveling on the freeway there is a loud...
  9. Sound shuts-off when slamming door/hitting bumps?

    Mobile Electronics
    My cousin just bought a 2002 CR-V. We replaced a Sony headunit with a Kenwood DEH-2100IB, because the Sony AUX wouldn't play the iPod for some reason. The unit works, powers up, plays the iPod no problem from both the BUS input in the rear and the aux in the front. But when my cousin hits a...
  10. Love the V - (But not the noise and bumps)

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Folks, I bought a used 2005 cr-v Lx about a month ago and have been reading posts on this forum since then. I’ve found some great stuff here. I have purchased and installed a Weathertech bug shield, installed the larger leather driver’s side armrest, and spent 5 ½ hours sewing on a...
  11. Rattle sound noise from front end over light bumps

    Problems & Issues
    I just picked up a 2000 CRV with 200k+ and I get a rattle sound coming from the front axles over light bumps. What do you think is the cause? What usually goes on these things? Cost to fix?? Sorry for all the ?? but I'm a noob here!
  12. my 1997 has a knock over bumps from the front end...

    Problems & Issues
    Hey, I have a knocking from the front end of my '97. I was told that it could be the sway bar end links. Anyone else had this issue? thanks
  13. Rattle in rear seat head rest over bumps

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    I have a 2006 CRV which I bought new when it was cold outside last October. Now that it has warmed up the rear seat head rest rattles and the dealer says this is perfectly normal. Has anyone else had this problem? I drive an 18 year old SAAB and it doesn't have the rattles so i find it hard...