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  1. Floorboard burns 2014 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Strange, scary problem with 2014 CRV purchased new. After short trip smelled acrid, plastic-y, burning odor inside car. Discovered burn marks on floor mat in back behind drivers seat. Burn marks were hot to touch and extended into the floorboard. Have searched internet and only possible thing...
  2. Why a vehicle burns oil ???

    Problems & Issues
    Hello friends here, I have a friend that his JEEP vehicle is burning oil, he says he has to put oil every two weeks. I use to have a Crysler caravan before it was the same issue I was told it was the seals on the engine and a big job to replace the seals on the valves, etc i big job, couple...
  3. Honda CR-V 2002 Burns oil & RPM goes up when idling

    Problems & Issues
    Hi; My CRV 2002 burns oil crazily, I mean the oil light comes on every 2000 KM. I have 110K miles (175,000 KM) on it. After driving a few highway kilometers, then, needs oil top-ups very often. Also, when idling with no gas pedal pushing, the RPM goes up and stays at a number like 2200 RPM...
  4. Dome light burns out in a few days

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    I have a 05 CR-V and recently i have been having some issues with the dome light (light inside the car that comes on whenever you open the door). The light bulb burnt out in the dome light. After replacing it the next bulb burnt out a few days later. Whenever i put a new light bulb in it, the...