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  1. Burn't Rubber Smell When Backing Up

    Problems & Issues
    Noticed today a pronounced burn't rubber smell coming from the Right rear wheel area. Tire is not touching exhaust? What could be causing this? Have a 04 EX model. Would appreciate any help in diagnosis of problem.
  2. Side mirror burnt out

    Problems & Issues
    Good afternoon all! I just registered in order to see if I can get any answers about the cause of what appears to be a total burn out of my passenger side mirror. I heard a pop, and then it turned brown with no reflectivity. The mirror itself did not fall off that I could tell, it still has the...
  3. 07 center (third) brake light burnt out

    Problems & Issues
    I've searched forum threads and even Googled/Youtubed but cannot find tutorial on how to remove the light to see if it's burned out? It appears the door trim needs to be removed to get at the light. Is there a DIY anywhere? Thanks
  4. Burnt rubber smell

    Problems & Issues
    I've read the threads that cover this topic theorizing exhaust hangers, brake rust/dust, etc. but my issue is a bit different. I first noticed the smell after flat towing my 2013 LX for about 300 miles. Engine had been off, so no hot exhaust, brakes, etc. The smell SEEMED to be stronger...
  5. 01 CRV burnt valve. Options?

    Problems & Issues
    My wife and i bought this car back in march it as a super clean 01 CRV 4wd manual trans. Car had high miles on it 186k when we bought it but it ran good and had lost of power. In August my wife noticed that the check engine light was on. I pulled the plugs and they were shot. Dealer said they...
  6. 2000 crv burnt valvers or not???

    Problems & Issues
    i have a 2000 crv with 152,000 miles it has had all recomened services done execpt it has never had the valves adjusted well i should say i got the car from my mom who just bought a brand new 2012 crv anyway about 2 or 3 months ago she was driving on the highway and the check engine light came...
  7. 2005 CRV rear center brake light burnt... how to change?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, Not sure if it's easy ... is the box just clipped on as I see a couple of openings ? but my question is do I press inwards towards the back or front to disloge it to change bulb? I surely don't want to break anything Much appreciated
  8. burnt valve

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I bought a used CRV today (1999). It was running rough when I bought it but the price was right. Tonight I did a compression test and found number 3 cylinder is down. Can I get away with buying a new valve and lapping it in myself or is it to late for the cylinder head seat. How long will it...
  9. Burnt Smell coming from rear brakes

    Problems & Issues
    Now that its winter, after a drive, when i get out of the car and remove my daughter from her car seat, I notice a weird burnt smell coming from what seems to be the rear wheels. Anyone notice something similar?
  10. Headlight Switch Melted connector Smoke!

    Problems & Issues
    While driving at night, both headlights went out and I pulled over as to not cause an accident and there was a smell of burning electrical wiring. I turned off the light switch and the smell went away. Upon having a local mechanic look, he found the connector from the wiring harness that plugs...
  11. Opinions on my options regarding possibly burnt valves

    Problems & Issues
    Hello good sir's, So i bought my V less than a month ago and the CEL was on and flashing and the idle was rough, got the codes pulled and all cylinders were misfiring. not knowing much about piston engines or actually the B20z, i figured it was just a tune up that was needed. so i changed the...
  12. Burnt light bulbs

    Problems & Issues
    can anybody help me figure out how to change the light bulbs on a 98-v's AC knob because it won't lit?:o (ac switch knob,thermostat knob,defogger knob) tkcr, again thank you for your wisdom.. I was able to take off the whole "knob thing" but now I'm wondering how to get & change the...
  13. Drive "D" light burnt out on my 1999 CRV

    Recalls, TSB's & Notices
    Can anyone please give me some insight on how to replace this bulb? Thank you in advance.
  14. 08' EX AWD - Burnt Power Steering Fluid

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys, Just decided to use a turkey baster and change my power steering fluid...Stuff came out burnt smelling and jet black, and I only have 17k miles on the 18 month old car! I wanted to post this and let you guys know to maybe check your PSF as well, and to also ask if anyone else noticed...
  15. Coil - BURNT, Plug Hole Seal - Burnt, Plug - Porcelain broken - can't remove

    Problems & Issues
    No it's not mine! Thank god! My best friend called me yesterday on a '04 (?) Pilot out of warranty I presume. The MIL came on. They continued and driving home with the MIL on; drove to the dealer the next day with ‘engine knocking', MIL on. The dealer reported (second hand info now) 1)...
  16. Who all has had a burnt valve?

    Performance Modifications
    Who all has had a burnt Valve, mine had one not replaced before I got it. Has seen 40k since then Should I do an adjustment now?
  17. burnt clutch smeel "please help"

    Problems & Issues
    have burnt clutch smeel in auto trans oil has been there since i got it but never took much notice as service did not show any problems. and the other day it made skeaching noise going up hill did not seam overly steep but did not sound good. 2004 crv auto 80,000km
  18. center dash board light burnt out

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hi all I have couple lights on the center dash board for the fan speed and temperature control burnt out and need to replace them. Is there anyone knows how to remove the center dash. It's on a 97 CR-V. Thanks in advance.
  19. Burnt Engine Values

    Performance Modifications
    Has anyone heard of an issue with burnt exhaust values with 1st Gen CR-Vs? My mechanic tells me that burnt exhaust values seems to be a more common occurrence in older car engines since the introduction of alcohol in gas. Any thoughts on this subject? Upton-CRV