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  1. 2003 EX AWD excessive rear toe in

    Problems & Issues
    Greeting all - I have a 2003 EX AWD with just under 100k miles on it. I've had it for about 2 years and recently put new tires on it. During the alignment after tire mounting, the tech told me that he was unable to align the rear wheels to within spec. The closest he could get was: Right...
  2. 1997 front lower suspension bush replacement

    Problems & Issues
    question for you all, i have a 1997 crv, and i need to replace the bushes on the lower suspension arm where the bolt for the suspension fork goes on, the other bushes are fine, question is will/should these bushes push/wind out using a suitable tool, ive got the replacement bushes ready but...
  3. Push-in Two-Piece Trailing Arm Bush

    Maintenance and Service
    Has anyone had any experience with the push-in 2-piece replacements for the trailing arm bushes...$T2eC16FHJF0E9nmFQUJ(BP6D85GqP!~~60_12.JPG I'm assuming you have to...