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  1. Buzzing sound from HVAC system - 2015 CRV EX

    2012-2016 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 4)
    Hi, My wife has a 2015 EX and for the last few years it has occasionally made a buzzing sound when the AC is running (don't recall hearing it with the heater). It has started to get worse and happens nearly every time the AC is put on. It goes away after a few minutes and does not come back...
  2. three beeps and buzzing sound

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Hi we just purchased CRV-EXL. We noticed a buzzing sound coming from the car. When we closed the door, we heard three beeps, that we never heard before. My wife drove around a block, then the buzzing sound and three beeps went away. What was the cause? -Tom
  3. 2012 CRV buzzing when heat is at max setting

    2012-2016 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 4)
    I get a buzzing noise when the heat at the max setting, if I set it one detent cooler noise goes away. Any ideas on cause.
  4. Anyone else hear this weird buzzing?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I went out to my garage to dump some trash, and while out there I noticed some low frequency buzzing. I searched around to discover it was coming from my '17 EX-L, at about axle height somewhere under the car between the two rear wheels. The car had been off since I arrived home from work. I...
  5. Intermittent/No Start, Slow Cranking & Buzzing Sound...?

    Problems & Issues
    2008 CRV - 222,000 Miles. My CRV is having intermittent starts or no starts. If there is no start right away...I have to wait for a few seconds before I would try again in order to get it to start. When it does start...the crank over is kinda slow and isn’t as fast as what it normally would be...
  6. Buzzing sound right before starter starts cranking.

    Maintenance and Service
    When I turn the key to crank the engine, I get a buzzing sound, right before the key gets to the point where the starter engages. Could it be the starter relay making this buzzing sound? Is this a known problem? Any advice would be helpful, before I dive into trying to fix this abnormal buzz.
  7. Direction Indicators flashing really fast and making buzzing noise on 2013 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, Recently my left and right direction indicators when used are flashing really fast and there is a buzzing noise coming from the boot near the driver side back tail light. When i turn on the head lights the indicators flash normal and the buzzing noise disappears. When i lock my vehicle and...
  8. Buzzing in rear while parked and off 2017

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    My 2017 Touring was caught making a buzzing sound coming from under the rear of the vehicle. It had been parked and turned off in my garage for at least 4 hours. Seems I remember hearing that this wasn’t a big deal, but I can’t remember why. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Buzzing sound from 2007 ignition

    Problems & Issues
    Have had this issue for a year or so now. If I'm not paying attention and turn the key a tad on the slow side, I get a buzzing sound from the ignition/steering column. That is definitely where the noise is coming from. Not the engine or a relay somewhere else. If I turn the key...
  10. Is There a TSB for the Buzzing Dashboard?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Has a TSB been issued for this problem? Tomorrow I have an appointment to have the Handbrake/Battery TSB 17-032 problem addressed, a tailgate with uneven gaps...
  11. Buzzing underneath while off?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Ok here is a new one/thread i think? 17 EX 1500 miles, love to death. Scenario: haven't driven/started it in say 5 hours. I go out to get something out of it and i hear this constant buzz/drone outside car and underneath it would appear. (you can't hear from inside vehicle) i crawl under it...
  12. 2017 - dash buzzing under hard acceleration - anyone else?

    I was test driving an EX-L today and noticed a buzz from the shifter area of the dash under hard acceleration. I was just curious if this was just an unfortunate annoyance in the specific tester I was driving, or if any of you 2017 owners have experienced something similar. Again, only under...
  13. buzzing in dashboard during idle

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Has anyone else notice a slight buzzing, vibration noise in their dash during idle and in drive? It disappears as soon as I accelerate. Driving me crazy.
  14. Buzzing Motor Noise From Rear - Car Not On

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Hello everyone! I just walked out into my garage, where my Touring has been parked for 5 hours or so, and heard something like a small pump motor running. It seemed like it was coming from the rear. By the time I went back in to get my phone to record it, it shut off. Any ideas what this is...
  15. HELP! 2012 CRV - Buzzing When Starting and not Turning Over

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 2012 CRV EX-L and sometimes, when I try to start the ignition of my car, it doesnt turn over but only gives me the buzzing sound. I have found a video online that shows the same problem I am experiencing: I wonder if there is anyone else...
  16. 2014 CR-V Buzzing noise from center dash

    Problems & Issues
    2014 CRV EX AWD suddenly started high pitch buzzing coming from center dash. I was stopped at a light with my left turn signal on. It buzzed for at least 2 minutes. January 5th 2015, It was 1deg F outside. It didn't happen again. Took it to the...
  17. Buzzing Noise Under Hood

    Greetings & Introductions
    I am the owner of a 2012 CR-V with 27,000 miles. Lately, I noticed that when I'm passing through the 20 - 25 mph range I get a momentary buzz under the hood ( passenger side -- my guess). The transmission is shifting just fine and it does not sound like a tranny noise. Again, it only lasts a...
  18. Buzzing on occasional warm start

    Problems & Issues
    Hi. My wife drives our CRV. She mentioned that she's been hearing a buzzing noise when starting the 2004 CRV 4WD AT. I thought it might be due to the cold. We've had really cold in Ontario as of late. (-20 to -30C / 0F to -25F) Today I went for a ride. (2C / 35F) On the cold start, there...
  19. Buzzing Noise

    Problems & Issues
    I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. Our 2008 CR-V has just crossed 100,000 miles. We've kept up with all of the suggested and required maintenance. Just in the last couple of days, there is a loud and distinct buzzing noise that occurs when the car is first started and during quick...
  20. 2012 CRV EX-L buzzing noise on acceleration when AC is on

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, On acceleration from a stop there is a buzzing noise for a few seconds and then stops with further acceleration. It only happens when the AC is on. I can hear the buzz and shut off the AC and the buzz stops and I then quickly turn on the AC and the buzz starts again. It does not last...