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  1. Mobile Electronics
    Well guys I did this install probably 4 years ago, but I had to get into the door panel today and re-secure some wiring before I take this bad boy out to Coachella for a car camping DJ party :D (just hooked up some RCA's to the CD Changer port so I can run a laptop/mixer through my stereo) The...
  2. Image & Video Gallery
    MEET GREENZILLA Heres a video of the BUILD THE NEW ICE HU: DEX -P99rs Line driver: NONE amp for RAW DRIVERS: 5 x RE XT1006.4 MIDBASS: Cadence 10"(4pcs) MIDRANGEr: cadence 8" neo magnet(6pcs) 10"cadence midrange(2pcs)...
1-2 of 2 Results