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  1. 2017 CR-V EXL Bluetooth incoming calls issue

    Mobile Electronics
    I have had my 2017 Honda CR-V EXL for over a year, I bought it new and this problem just started and was not there at all prior to now. When I receive an incoming call when I am bluetooth connected the call comes visually and audibly over the screen but I am unable to answer or ignore it and it...
  2. Music still playing at full volume during bluetooth calls

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    Hi I found that in CR-V 2018 Touring when I call someone or respond to call, Sirius XM music from car is still playing at full volume and obviously other side hears it. In my 2014 Civic or 2014 Accord with same phone music pauses or perhaps volume just go down a lot so I can talk easily and...
  3. Speed dial calls help.

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    Hi I have set up speed dial contacts with voice tags. When I press on the steering wheel the voice command button and say Call Joe it opens my phone book. How do I get the speed dial to work directly with the command and voice tag? Thank you. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  4. 2018 EX-L: Using voice for outgoiing phone calls

    Problems & Issues
    2018 EX-L 2WD: I've set up my Honda speed dial including the Voice recording. It very unreliable, rarely recognizes the name. Anyone else have this problem? Seri works fine with my car. No problems calling by voice when using Seri. I've only had this car for 3 days and think it's great.
  5. Phone calls using Honda voice

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    Deleted. Wrong forum.
  6. New Owner-Does my iPhone need to be plugged in to receive phone calls?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Just purchased a 2017 and am trying to learn about this car. I thought that my iPhone 6 was 'paired' to the CRV but, when my phone rang it did not ring through the CRV. Does it need to be plugged into the CRV in order to receive phone calls? Thanks! Mel
  7. Android Auto - no sound when receiving phone calls

    Problems & Issues
    Hey there. I've got an issue with not being able to listen to incoming calls on my car speakers. Each time I have to press 'Transfer' option on the screen, which takes me to 'Private' mode. Only then am I able to talk to the person on the line through my phone's mic/speaker. Any idea how to fix...
  8. mute on phone blue tooth phone calls

    Problems & Issues
    WE have a 2016 CRV EX-l and my wife's phone is linked to the radio. When the car is in accessory mode the in car phone works just fine. when we start the car and a phone call comes in it automatically mutes the voice, we can answer her phone by hand but the bluetooth is muted. The dealer is...
  9. Sync'd/Paired cellphone can't answer incoming calls in new 2016 CRV Touring

    Problems & Issues
    Just picked up a new 2016 CRV Touring, all good so far except answering calls with my wife's cellphone. My Samsung Galaxy S6 and her Galaxy S5 were paired and sync'd by the dealer rep to the new vehicle. My S6 can answer incoming calls using the steering wheel Answer button, but the S5 can't...
  10. New Calls Only Showing Phone Number of Caller

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, When I get a new call it only shows me the phone number of who is calling. How do i change it to show the name of the caller? I Have an IPhone 6s. 2016 CRV Touring. Thanks Dean
  11. Bluetooth calls intermittantly not connecting

    Problems & Issues
    So I am a fairly new CR-V owner and I use my bluetooth connected to my iphone often but about 1/3 of the time I initiate a call and the audio (from bluetooth I assume) goes dead. The person on the other end of the call picks up but I cannot hear them because the audio has switched to phone when...
  12. 2007 Bluetooth Mic Noise on calls

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi Always get complaints on the Buzzing when talking to people. it comes and goes but it goes altogether when the ignition is off so it is electrical interference of some description. anyone know how to get to the mic in the roof. i'm sure a better quality electret mic has been suggested in...
  13. 2012 Bluetooth problem during phone calls

    Mobile Electronics
    I have 2012 CRV-Ex-L and have a problem when I try to use the bluetooth for phone calls. I can hear people fine, but they say there is a sound coming through that sounds like feedback on their end. I have gotten the same comment from several people so I know it is something with the bluetooth...
  14. iPhone5 handsfree connection does not work when receiving calls.

    Mobile Electronics
    I had no problem with my iPhone bluetooth 3 GS connection. I replaced the old iPhone with a new iPhone 5. Every thing works except when Receiving calls. It connects to Handsfree on the phone but there is no sound from speakers. I have to connect to phone and then connect back to Handsfree...
  15. Static on cell calls

    Mobile Electronics
    Picked up my 2012 CRV EXL last week and love it. So far my only complaint is the cell connection. I can hear others perfectly clear, but I am told by a couple different people on the other end that there are periods of static that they never had from before when I used my Jabra headset in my...
  16. Is there a way to adjust the volume of the ringtone for incoming calls?

    Problems & Issues
    It's shockingly loud even when the volume of everything else is turned down. Thanks! :) UPDATE: Never mind.... You can only adjust it while you are using the phone because the HFL (Hands Free Link) has its own volume control setting. I don't know if the bone-shattering loud volume was set...
  17. Phone calls on hands free !!

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone, thanks in advance for reading. Firstly I love my new vtec ex 07!!:) Had a little rubbing from the brakes but the dealership checked and said it was the new pads and to give it another 1000 miles - i'm ok with that. But, can i get a phonecall to come through the speakers on the...