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  1. Cancel my membership

    Dear Honda:
    Good day.............since honda is hiding under a rock. And will not address the oil dilution problem in total, for all crv cars.....i give up. This is a serious problem that will age an engine in a very short time. And, there will be more problems with the 1.5. So i got rid of the crv and...
  2. Cancel my membership

    Dear Honda:
    Have traded in my 2017 1.5 crv for a rav4. 6200 miles on car. Have no confidence in the 1.5 dilution problem or the car. In fact, i have no confidence in the 1.5. Good luck.....richard franchi
  3. Cancel Deal After Leaving Deposit?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Hey guys,I know this is off topic but since this thread is very active, figured I'd ask. If I put a deposit down and signed the "new car"order page and waiting for car arrive to dealer to seal the deal and sign the rest of the world, is it to late to cancel and get my deposit back? Another...
  4. New '09 CR-V EX w/GAP and Warr. Cancel it?

    Shopping & Test Driving
    We just purchased an '09 blk CR-V EX. It's very nice. We got GAP @ $350 and extended 7 year warranty @ $1200. The original EW $ was $2000, that was shot down quickly. I used to work at a dealership and my brother still does. The extended warranty is through Olympicare which I have a feeling...
  5. Turn signal cancel on 97

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 97 V and everything about it is great, except for one thing... Every time the temperature gets below about 40 degrees F the turn signal will not cancel and still wont unless I'm on a long trip and it's warm for quite some time in the V. So, it's pretty annoying, but does anyone know...
  6. Turn signals won't cancel

    Problems & Issues
    The turn signals on my 1999 CR-V won't cancel. I've already checked and replaced the turn signal switch, and that isn't the problem. What part under the steering wheel needs replacing?