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  1. 2015 DI engine - major carbon buildup at 89k mi

    Problems & Issues
    So if anyone had been chronicling my posts lately, my 2015 CR-V (with 89k miles) has been in the shop after suffering a major loss of power (and a flashing CEL) on the way home from vacation. Replacement of ignition coils & valve adjustment did not solve the issue (it manifested itself again...
  2. Carbon Deposits – 1.5T GDI Engine

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Another ugly issue with GDI engines is carbon deposits on the intake valves. Has anyone with a lot of miles/kms had this issue yet? I would love to hear about anyone's first-hand experiences. Here is some info about this...
  3. Info on carbon build up

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Interesting info on Earth Dream engines. Hopefully, Top Tier gas will help Read the forum discussion at the bottom of the post
  4. CEL, Carbon Build Up, 2010 CRV

    Performance Modifications
    CEL came on 2 weeks ago. Stopped at AutoZone and place on OBD which said Carbon Build up (according to "tech"). Sold me a $25.00 +tax bottle of "something that will fix it." ... "pour in with 1/4 tank of gas, run for 10-15 miles and refill tank." - Light went out. Well, this morning it came...
  5. Carbon deposits on GDI engines

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I have been reading stories about other car manufacturers that have issues with carbon deposits on intake valves due to direct engines. Some people claim you need to have walnut shell blasting every 40,000 miles. Anyone think that this might be an issue with the CRV engine? Does Honda have a way...
  6. Starter, reuse original after clearing carbon dust

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello. I replaced the starter on my 2005 after it started pulling more and more current to turn over. It turned out that carbon dust had built up in the starter from brush wear. the brushes still looked good. I should of just cleaned and reinstalled but I had already bought a replacement.
  7. Direct Injection and Carbon Buildup

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Does anyone know if the 1.5 liter Direct Injected Turbocharged engine as used in the 2017 CR-V has any sort of supplemental port or throttle body fuel injectors? Or if it has some other method to prevent the carbon buildup on the intake valves that will otherwise occur over time? Removing the...
  8. Carbon fiber or wood finish for CR-V's dash

    Hi everyone, check out these new interior packages for 2015 Honda CR-V. Our dash kits will allow you to completely restyle your stock interior without any modifications! Dash pieces are laser cut to perfectly match with every single edge of the dash on your CR-V. Each piece consists of 2...
  9. some old 3rd gen engine bay pics

    Image & Video Gallery
    Here's the old setup on the CRaVe a while back ago, it's been running on the OEM setup for the longest. YES I KNOW, CAI > Drop In Filter > OEM > SRI I did it just for the heck of it and to shock people when they heard the "growling" noise it produced, because it looks cool, and so I can have...
  10. Carbon removal with water

    Problems & Issues
    Has anyone tried to remove carbon build up in the engine using water through one of the vacuum hoses? Does it work? What hose do you use and how much water? I ask because I was given a piston and half a rod from the engine of my previous Honda, a 1996 Civic. The owner (A good friend) that I sold...
  11. carbon spark plug cover

    For anyone like me has an b20 under the hood this will help you out to make your b20 look very good, check it out... Will not fit ODB1 Valve Covers, OBD2 only Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover B18b B20b
  12. fau carbon fibre dash trim kit

    does anyone know of a dash trim kit ,not woodgrain, for a 09 crv. would like carbon fibre or black wood look. thanx,
  13. Carbon Fiber Hood for 07 V ?

    Has anyone found one?
  14. CR-V 02-04 Carbon Fiber Sport Grille

    Did anyone see this? This is rare, a real carbon fiber sport grille for the CR-V 02-04 on eBay.
  15. Password JDM Carbon Fiber Intake

    Performance Modifications
    So, I'm thinking of getting this intake from the Gillman Honda Dealer near my house. I'm not sure yet though. What do you guys think? The parts guy at Gillman said it should fit on my CR-V. They want $160 for it. Made of aerospace quality carbon fiber, the Password:JDM Carbon Fiber...