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  1. carpet floor mats with heel pad for 2016 CRV - do they exist?

    Hello, I've been to my dealer and searched online but I can't seem to find fitted, carpeted floor mats for my 2016 CRV. I've worn a hole through the driver side mat where my heel rests after less than 2 years and would like to replace the mat with one that has a heel pad. I really like my CRV...
  2. Wheel well made out of carpet + mudflap has hole to collect mud?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Anyone know why the crv was designed this way? Is it common for vehicles to be like this? Just went through a car wash and found it very difficult to clean all the mud off the inside of the wheel wells. They seem to be lined with carpet, and not just a smooth plastic, the mud sticks to it...
  3. Carpet removal

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Has anyone tried to remove the carpet from the passenger side floor board? GF had a spill. I pulled the plastic panels back and I'm just trying to make sure there aren't wires attached to anything. It looks straight forward and it looks like it's a separate piece from the drivers side and it...
  4. FS Rear Passenger OEM Carpet 1999-2001

    Trading Post
    Out of production OEM Honda rear carpet in the 1999-2001 Charcoal color. Very good used condition. $50 plus shipping.
  5. 11' CRV - Replacement Floor (Carpet)

    Problems & Issues
    Long story short, got the AC fixed 4 weeks ago (broke for 2 years), didn't realize the evaporator drain tube was broke and it leaked water on the passenger floor for 3 weeks (wife is the only one that drives it). Went on vacation for a week (took my truck). Got back from vacation, car smelled...
  6. Carpet floor vs Rubber/Vinyl floor

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    Honda, why don't you just put in Rubber/Vinyl flooring in our CR-Vs instead of Carpet? Probably 98% of all owners immediately buy and install rubber/vinyl style floor mats after buying our new vehicles. It's a matter of practicality in the real-life usage of our excellent utility vehicles...
  7. Passenger side carpet

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Pulled up the floor mat to vacuum and found this panel molded into the carpet. I have never seen anything like this before.
  8. Carpet Colour

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Just a question about the colour of the carpets in the 2017 CR-V EX. Thinking of getting the CR-V in Obsidian Blue with the grey seats. Are the carpets black or grey like the seats? Dealer didn't have any blue ones for me to check out. Didn't like the black interior as everything is black...
  9. 2011 CRV wet carpet

    Problems & Issues
    Going to keep this short as I can. My 2011 CRV carpet was getting wet so i started searching for the leak. Driver side and driver side passenger floorboards would be wet after a rain or snow. After removing carpet i found the water was coming down the left hand side of the drivers floorboard...
  10. 2002 CRV Replacement carpet available???

    After logging over 300k miles on my CRV the front carpet has become a bit...not there. I'd like to replace the carpet but haven't been able to locate any carpet kits specific to the car. Just "universal" carpet kits which are really just overpriced rolls of automotive carpet. I've put carpet...
  11. Damp driver side carpet, 1998 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, for the second time I have found the carpet to be damp at the lowest part of the floor well on the driver side only. First time I let it dry out thoroughly, now following rain earlier in the week it is damp again. I have the car Rust Checked each year and the underside has no rust or holes...
  12. HELP! Houston Flood. Try to remove carpet. Help with plastic trim removal

    Problems & Issues
    You may have seen how Texas received a lot of rain lately which cause all kind of havoc. So some street flood water got into my daughter CRV floor board. I have removed the seats and all the plastic trim except one. I need your help. Please see picture attached. I wanted to remove item "C". I...
  13. wet carpet

    Problems & Issues
    I've got a cr/v import 1995 water is getting in drivers side can't find where it is getting in have noticed water dripping down onto plastic door tread any body got any ideas
  14. Salt on Carpet

    Any thoughts on how to remove some major salt stains on both the drivers side and the passengers side. The rubber mats that we bought with our new CRV Touring doesn't even come close to the gas or brake pedal where salt drops off from boots or shoes. To me they are useless as they don't cover...
  15. A quick soggy carpet question

    Problems & Issues
    My wife got a new car and I got her old carpets. When I went to swap the rugs I noticed both front fitted carpets on the crv were soaked. It is winter and I have been out in all weathers. I had a look underneath and there are 2 holes (one each side and elliptical) under where the carpets would...
  16. Carpet rear cargo mat for '15 CR-V?

    A few years ago, Honda offered an accessory carpeted rear cargo mat for the CR-V. I have a new '15 CR-V and Honda no longer offers this mat (I don't know when they discontinued it as an accessory). I do not want a plastic all-season rear cargo mat. I have Googled it and have discovered a few...
  17. Allweather floor liners for your carpet floors
    Traveling is always a good idea. You get onto the road, and if you don't keep your ride, there's no knowing where you might be. Depending on where you live and what the weather is like year round, you may feel the necessity of the floor mats in your car. The best craftsman of WeatherTech...
  18. Replacement front carpet for 1999 crv

    Couldn't find oem replacement carpet for my 1999 crv. Any suggestions on an aftermarket replacement that is exact fit. Thanks
  19. WTB: Carpet mats for 1999 crv

    Trading Post
    Looking for a set of mats for my crv. Grey preffered but will take black. Must be in decent shape. PM me if you have anything. Thanks
  20. CRV Rattle under Carpet. PLEASE HELP!!??

    Problems & Issues
    When I am driving, I hear a rattle all along from underneath the Carpet. Its the front Carpet in the middle that splits between Driver & Passenger. Thats where the rattle is coming from. When I put my foot over that area, the rattle stops. Anyone experienced this problem before? What's under the...