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  1. I caught a rat

    Problems & Issues
    Hi- I'm new to the forum, and I just thought I'd start out by saying I opened my hood the other day, and there were rat droppings all around. I live out in the country, so various critters are bound to get up in there where it's warm. I put a rat trap on the ground, and last night, I caught a...
  2. Foot caught between the foot rest and the break peddle.

    Problems & Issues
    Yesterday, I had an incident while driving my (new) 2014 CRV that I think is serious enough to file a formal complaint with Honda and the NTSB. My left foot slipped off the foot rest and wedged itself between the rest and the break peddle. The edge of my sneaker caught under the break peddle...
  3. Stiletto caught in fuse box - help!

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I recently caught my stiletto on a wire that pulled out a fuse under the steering wheel and can't for the life of me figure out where it belonged. (Yes, seriously) It is a blue wire that comes from the left side of the fuse box that has 2 15v fuses attached to it. Nowhere in the manual does it...
  4. Google caught me and my V

    Image & Video Gallery
    Apparently I was half asleep at the wheel as I didn't notice the google StreetView car driving in the middle of nowhere. This was me on my way to go camping a couple years ago...
  5. Caught In Storm Ruined 08 CRV Wheel

    Problems & Issues
    Caught In Storm Ruined 08 CRV Wheel. Any idea where I can get one online? What should I expect to pay? I was thinking of checking salvage yards in the area as long as they aren't bent. Thanks Dorothy