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  1. 2005 – Ceiling light does not work when the doors are opened.

    Just picked up a used 2005. The ceiling light / dome light does not come on when the doors are opened or when the doors are unlocked. It comes on when switched to ‘on’, but does not operated when in the center ‘door activated’ position. It does not come on when the tailgate is opened (but the...
  2. Rattling from the ceiling

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Hey Everyone. So I did conduct some searches on the site prior to posting. Didn't see anyone post any rattling issues. So inside the cabin next to the top 2 door lights, there is a vent/grill looking thing. This has all of a sudden started rattling like crazy! Anyone experience the same issue...
  3. Mysterious ceiling cover

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I rode in the back seat of my CRV for the first time in seven months. I was looking around and saw this mysterious cover on the ceiling. What is it?
  4. Rear ceiling mounted seat belt fraying

    Problems & Issues
    The rear center seatbelt (ceiling mounted) has rubbed against the ceiling housing to the point where the housing and the seat belt are unsafe. This is on a 2013 EXL and we always had the seat belt extended to the seat. Is this an issue that anyone else has experienced? Were you able to get Honda...
  5. Mystery hole in ceiling next to rear dome light???

    I bought an '08 about a month ago. There is an opening in the ceiling next to the rear dome light. It has a plastic rim, roughly t-shaped, leads to the gap between the headliner and the metal roof, and has a metal bar spanning the opening, about 1-2" long. Anyone know what this is? What should...
  6. 2015 CRV Touring with water stain on ceiling near passenger side pillar

    Problems & Issues
    Hmmm... going to take this to the dealer to see what's up. Not good. I see only a few similar posts here on this issue. Looks like more than just the sunroof having been left open. I checked and the one drain hole I can see does not appear to be plugged. Peter
  7. 2006 rear center seat belt (ceiling mounted) is stuck extended

    Problems & Issues
    any intel on how to fix this. At least how to remove the plastic trim around it....? I heard Honda repairs seat belts for free? thanks
  8. What's on the ceiling?

    I've just bought a 2011 CR-V, British spec. but with no sunroof and no Sat-Nav. In between the two ceiling / map lights (next to the little blue light!) is what looks like a small, rectangular speaker grill. Behind that (i.e., towards the rear of the car) is another panel with what look like...
  9. Senate Dems to Try Passing Debt Ceiling

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    Senate Dems to Try Passing Debt Ceiling Democrats controlling the Senate are planning to try to pass a stand-alone measure to increase the government's borrowing cap. Watch Pacific Rim Online Watch Baggage Claim Online Watch Elysium Online Watch The Conjuring Online Watch 2 Guns Online Watch...
  10. 2000 CRV Interior Ceiling Light not activated when I open door.

    I'm trying to figure out what to do with the ceiling light in my 2000 CR-V. I have the switch in the middle position which I think is the position for the light to come on when the door is opened. But the light does not come on. It turns on in the ON position however. Does the bulb need...
  11. Reattaching Headliner in 1st Generation CR-Vs

    I have a '99 CR-V EX. Today I noticed the headliner above the back cargo area has started to puff out and become unstuck or detached from the ceiling or inside roof of the car. It's not that bad, but I would like to try and fix it before it gets any worse and more of it comes loose. My question...
  12. Ceiling Handles?

    Is there anywhere I can get the handles on the inside on the ceiling? I found some in a junk yard that fit and looked similar but the color and fade were horrible.
  13. How to clean stubborn dirth in your crv ceiling!

    Wax on, Wax Off
    hi guys, i was cleaning my ceiling yesterday i thought it might be useful to share this.. things you'll need - armor all upholstery cleaner -clean damp cloth -googles -mask 1. First open all your doors and windows for ventilation. 2. spray in the cleaner take note- work in section by section...
  14. Adding additional hanging or ceiling storage

    Are there any hidden brackets or design features that would lend themselves to adding additional ceiling or side mounted interior storage? I would like to add a couple of more hooks to suspend lighter backpacks and keep other heavier ones upright. I will have two kayaks on the roof racks so a...
  15. ceiling light 2005 CR-V

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    My ceiling light is burned out on a 2005 CR-V. How do I open it up to change the bulb? (I hope that's all it is.) Thanks.
  16. Plastic 'bolt' for ceiling ?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi - the bolt for the ceiling has gone missing and there is always this 'bumping'/'thumping sound. to stop the noise i have to push up on the ceiling and bang it - it stops only temporarily. at first, i thought it was the seat belt attached to the roof in the way back. any ideas?
  17. Leaking from the ceiling - all corners of my new CR-V 2008 model.

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    Hi All, I just purchase a CR-V in Quebec last November 4 2008. It is a 2008 model. Just last week, after the snow - while driving my wife noticed a water dripping from both ends of the visor from her side and then also from the driver's side as well. This happened when I stepped on the...
  18. how do I change a ceiling light bulb?

    how do you change a ceiling light bulb on a 2006 crv
  19. Replacing Ceiling Light?

    Hi all, I am trying to figure out how to replace ceiling lights in my 2006 CR/V. The box does not have any screws any nothing... I am afraid I will break it if I pull it out. Users' manual does not say anything about replacing ceiling lights, or, possibly, I am missing something...:confused...
  20. 2006 CRV -Four attempts to fix flickering ceiling light

    Problems & Issues
    Actually, it's not just the light; the rear door open indicator light flickers on and off at the same time. I've taken the thing in to the dealer three times - tomorrow will make four. The first guy told me on the phone that it was a bad switch - but when I took it back the second time, the...