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  1. 2005 CR-V Charging System Error Light

    Problems & Issues
    Hello! I bought a 2005 CR-V LX w/ a 5 spd manual trans and 130k miles about month ago. CarFax and mechanic inspection both came back clean, but now I am having issues with my charging system light coming on, followed a few minutes later by various other electrical system lights coming on. It...
  2. Replaced alternator and it is still not charging

    Problems & Issues
    My friend's CRV had the battery light come on and the car died before he made it home. I put an alternator in it and noticed that it was only charging around 13volts. I did some research and read about the electronic load detection. I couldn't ever get it to charge higher that 13 volts even if I...
  3. Charging System Problem

    Problems & Issues
    Yesterday my Charging System, Brake & ABS lights came on as I was driving, but everything seemed normal. A few miles later the A/C stopped working. I barely made it home, and when I did the windows didn't want to go up. The battery tested good. I couldn't find a place that could test the...