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check engine light

  1. 2007 CRV VSA Light HELP!!!

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Hi all, I've had a problem with my 2007 CRV come up over the past couple of weeks. One day we were driving uphill with quite high rpms to keep up with traffic when all of a sudden the car jerked engine light and VSA plus the '!' lights came on. Car was in limp mode to the side of the road...
  2. 2003 CRV sensor indicator

    Problems & Issues
    The check engine light came on in my 2003 CR-V a month ago. The car was driven minimally for three days (maybe 20 miles total) and the indicator light stayed on the whole time. On the forth day I had the code read, and was told it was P0134 (O2 sensor). The light turned off after reading the...
  3. Pedal Commander

    Problems & Issues
    Hey has anyone tried out pedal commander? I have a 2018 honda crv touring i followed the installation instructions and as soon as i turned on my vehicle, just about every light popped up on my dash and my car went into limp mode with no acceleration, I have now unplugged the pedal commander and...
  4. 2015: EPS, TPMS, VSA, AWD, and Check Engine On

    Maintenance and Service
    I've found a few threads where someone had some combination of these lights on, but not all of them. When I first start the car, the TPMS blinks for a bit then goes steady. The EPS doesn't come on when the car starts, but is on after a minute or two. I drove to work yesterday without issue, but...
  5. Check Engine Light

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2001 Honda C-RV SE, just turned over 200k miles, has been by far the best car I have ever owned. Recently the check engine light started coming on. For a while it would come on, stay on a few hours, then go off. I took it in to a mechanic who did a tune up. He said he thinks it is a...
  6. Check engine light after anti-rust spray

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, When changing tires, I sprayed some Corrosion Free Formula 3000 from under where I see some rust. Drove about 15 minutes and check engine light came on. Don't think they are related, but would like to check if anyone has experienced the same? Thanks, Dave
  7. 2004 CRV Catalytic Converter Keeps Failing

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone! I have a 2004 CRV, 2WD. Some months ago, my check engine light came on, when I ran the codes, it came back with the code for catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, or emissions system. I also got one for the knock sensor. I replaced the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensors...
  8. VSA and ! light on when vehicle started from cold (after 3/4 hours of last stop).

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, My CRV gets this VSA light and ! light on when i cold start my vehicle. After driving for 10 seconds and restarting my vehicle it goes away (upon restarting). I just got my batteries changed today. and the issue still persists. What should i assume. When lights not on, the vehicle runs and...
  9. 2006 Honda CRV - Check Engine, VSA, ! (exclamation) indicators repeatedly showing up

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there, I have a Honda CRV EX 5AT 2006 model, with approx 50K miles on it. I am noticing that the Check Engine, VSA and the "!" indicator would show up repeatedly even after the Honda Dealer in Burlington, MA would fix the issue. So far on two occasions when the above indicators came up...
  10. CEL and P4020 Problems Common on CRVs?

    Problems & Issues
    First time owner of a CRV, purchased a 2010 EX from Carmax 2 weeks ago. Really enjoying the car so far - bought it as a family friendly replacement for my beloved 2002 Forester. Took the CRV for it's first road trip this weekend, and the Check engine light has come on. I scanned the code at...
  11. Green check engine light?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there, I am the proud owner of a new-to-me 2000 CR-V Limited, which I absolutely love. The dash lighting is pretty low, and tonight I drove my V in the dark for the first time and noticed that the square "check engine" light was glowing green. I thought this was a little strange, as...
  12. Car stalls at highway speed with check engine light on

    Problems & Issues
    Hi Guys, This is my first post here, and will be one of many! I have a 98 Crv 5 speed and was driving down the highway and the engine stalled with the check engine light on. Waiting a few minutes I started the car again and it went normal again. The following day it done it again. I waited...
  13. 2004 CR-V Check Engine Light

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all. I have a 2004 CR-V LX (I THINK it's an LX, anyway) with 2 wheel drive and about 140k miles on it. My check engine light has been on for several weeks now, despite replacing all 4 spark plugs (they are the iridium type). The code being generated is P0301 (1st cylinder misfire) according...
  14. Scare on the interstate

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    My son and I were heading home in my wife's 2007 CRV coming back from an out of town soccer tournament. We were treking down the interstate at 70mph with the cruise control on and then all of a sudden, the "check engine", "VSA", "TPMS", and "maintenance req'd" indicator lights came on but the...
  15. Emission Light Connected to Transmission?

    Problems & Issues
    I was idling in a bank's drive through when the emissions light suddenly came on and then proceeded to have much higher rpms when automatic shifting. I have never had problems with the transmission before. 123,000 miles 2002 CRV LX. The transmission fluid level is fine but the fluid is slightly...
  16. Flash code using paperclip??? (poor man's code reader)

    Problems & Issues
    I had a check engine light on, and my brother tried to show me a neat trick with a paperclip. His direct quote... "you don't need an expensive code reader" then, using said paperclip, he jumped pin 5 and 9 on the OBD connection. He claims that he does it all the time to get a "flash code" on...
  17. 02 CR-V Check Engine Light

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I have had the CR-V for nearly 8 years, and recently, the check engine light comes on and off. The engine sounds fine, I don't see smoke coming out, or rattling or anything, and it is able to runs normally. I just don't understand why the light is on. I did a code check at autozone, and...
  18. Honda CRV 2000 EX Check Engine Light and Codes

    Problems & Issues
    Hi CRV owners, I have a Honda CRV, year 2000 with 142K miles. The car was running fine before I got the check engine light issues. Took it to Pepboys to check the codes. They recommended Tuneup, Replacement of wires - Spark Plug and Oxygen Sensor. Did the tuneup and the replacement of wires...
  19. "Check Engine Light"

    Problems & Issues
    I know that this may sound like a silly question...but the Check Engine Light came on this morning on my 2008 CR-V. What are some possible problems that could cause this? My car has very low mileage and I just recently (maybe a few weeks ago) had my oil changed. It is a lease, so I am assuming...
  20. Check Engine Light Issue

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 02 CR-V When I start it up, the Check Engine Light appears and blinks for about 10 seconds then disappears. Is this normal or do I have a problem?