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  1. Just checked oil level and it’s on the 1st line

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    Hey guys, I just checked the dip stick and the oil level is at the 1st line. The oil smells like gasoline but I’m wondering if they didn’t fill it up enough or if I’m burning or losing it. I hope they’re not under filling it to make it seem like there isn’t a dilution problem. I have the dealer...
  2. Timing Chain - 2011 CRV - When should it be checked?

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    I plan on keeping my 2011 CRV to 200k miles +-. I currently have 122k miles. Even though our engines have chains and not belts, I would think there would be a mileage at which they should be checked for wear/slack. Is there a recommended mileage to check the chain?
  3. Checked out a 2018 GMC Terrain today

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    A lot of people around here work for GM and when we were on a walk today I saw a 2018 GMC Terrain parked in a neighbor's driveway. I'm still shopping around with the CR-V at the top of my list, and looks are always an opinion, but I have to say that the new Terrain is the best-looking compact...
  4. 2000 crv P1399 checked valve adj. only slightly tight on 2 exhaust valves

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    i have a 2000 crv 151,000 miles it has P1399 code i just adjusted the valves and it had three that very only slighty tight the specs for exhaust valve lash is .008 the three valves in found that were tight were like .005 when it is hot outside and the AC is on it stumbles when you first presss...
  5. GRRRR 2 days old and TPMS light on. Dealer checked No Problems

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    Okay this is annoying. I just bought my '07 CR-V and less than 100 miles the TPMS light has come on. It's annoying. The dealer checked it today said nothing was wrong and reset the light. They told me if it came back on to come back. It came right back on in about 40 miles. I'm going back...