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  1. My Overdrive | Chris Santacroce

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    At Discount Tire, "Overdrive" means, working hard to be the best that you can be and sharing your passions with others. Chris Santacroce, featured here, lives in overdrive. Do you live in overdrive? Tell us what you are passionate about and how you share it with others below.
  2. chris wingate

    Problems & Issues
    hi all i have a problem 2005 crv 2.2 ctdicentral locking system has locked the tailgate door not the window and willl not release any ideas greatly welcome cheers :confused:
  3. Hello World... Chris Diack here

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi from New Zealand. Just bought my first CRV... inexpensive little beastie. High Km's/Miles but runs like a charm. I am half owner of a radio station in New Zealand and am the only technician/engineer. I rapidly found out how very handy the side opening rear...
  4. Chris

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, best car I've ever owned, superb. apart from fuel economy. Anyway, 2005 CRV; engine mgt light comes on during longer journeys & goes into limited power mode. Switch off/on & it corrects itself. Garage says its one of two sensors; either throttle or accelerator apparently, that has failed...
  5. what has chris been up to?

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