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  1. Appearance
    What do you use or recommend to keep the black cladding on our 2018 CR-V EX-L cladding black for as long as possible?
  2. Accessories
    Can pin stripe tape be put on the lower cladding? I’m considering putting a single stripe near the top. Your suggestions and comments please.
  3. Appearance
    Hey guys, after seeing the numerous posts over on the Chevy Avalanche forums that were heaping universal praise on CarWorx Refinish Restorer and seeing how the fading problems that they have with their body cladding looks very similar to some of the fading I’ve seen on mine Honda CR-V, I figured...
  4. Accessories
    Hi all! First time I post here, but long reader. So here's my question : Do you think it will be possible to install these fender flares on a 02 EX crv? it's part no : 08P21-S9A-120A and here's the manual. I know the advertise them for 05+, but I was wondering if anybody tried to install...
  5. Accessories
    please someone! photochop for me!! 2007 model please I once saw a CRV here with matching color for the body cladding and thought it looked awesome. I might do the same but I need to know how it might look like. THANKS
  6. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    :) It is winter you know, and the trucks have been dumping sand and gravel and magnesium chrolide out like it is going out of sytle. We just got our 08 CR-V EX and was I in for a shock. What was Honda thinking not offering front splash guards as standard equipment. And the front guards need to...
1-6 of 6 Results