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  1. Front Clunking Noise - 1998 Honda CRV - Solved

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello Everyone, I recently had a front end clunking noise that was rather mysterious. I noticed it several months ago and often went searching the car and the internet for possible problems. In fact, about once a week I would look over the vehicle trying to discover what was causing it. I...
  2. 2011 AWD CRV makes a clank sound when backing up a hill in reverse

    Problems & Issues
    I noticed that our new CRV was making a sound when backing up an incline. It does not do it on level ground only when it hits a certain point on the incline. I had it at the dealer the other day and they said it checks out fine and nothing is wrong. Has anyone else noticed this????
  3. 2010 crv sometimes makes a "clank" sound when started

    Problems & Issues
    My 2010 CRV has made a sound like you hit a piece of metal with a hammer immediately after releasing the ignition key after starting. The car has 15000 miles on it and it has only happened on a cold start. Has anyone else ever seen this problem?