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  1. Honda CRV 2011- Rattle Noise

    Problems & Issues
    Hi I just bought my 2011 Honda CRV 3 days ago and it drives super smooth and I didn't notice any noise until after I bought the car. When I drive over a bump or rough part of the road there is a rattle/ clank noise which seems to be coming from the underneath front end of the car I think in the...
  2. Clanking noise towards the rear

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    My mom purchased a 2015 CR-V about 6 months ago. Since she's had it, there is a clanking sound towards the rear of the vehicle. From sitting in the front it sounds like it's coming from the drivers side. Going down a strait road it's silent, but I was able to hear it turning left and going...
  3. Clanking sound like dinner plates on left front side

    Problems & Issues
    Gen 1 250,000 miles AWD has an intermittent sound like dinner plates clanking together coming from the front left side. I've been under the car at that spot and I've already noted that the vibration damper on the CV axle on that side has come off and is rolling around. That makes a lower...
  4. Transmission noise, clanking

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, new to this posting. I have an 05 Silver V AWD auto transm. Bought it used last December near Chicago. Dealer had rear diff serviced, 4 new tires put on. Went to pick it up and the brakes were grinding. The dealer examined the brakes said allwas good. Still grinding brakes and the rear diff...