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  1. 2009 CR-V AWD clattering/clunking/rattle noise from right rear wheel

    Problems & Issues
    This morning it was 11 degrees F. I woke up to discover that there is a clattering/clunking/rattle noise coming from what sounds to be the right rear wheel area. The noise is present when driving forward and making turns, but is not super loud until I go over 15/20 mph. At 35 mph the rythmic...
  2. At 20k the back seats starded to rattle and clatter

    Problems & Issues
    Driving on a slightly rough road surface the back seats in my EXL rattle and clatter, it was bad enough that the rear cover tray did the same thing,even clunk's on turns. Another interesting sound is the sound of tin being buckled when I put my foot on the floor as I step to the car,the Service...
  3. 2001 CRV Valve clatter at cold startup

    Problems & Issues
    Hello everyone, I have been reading a lot of posts here, but first time to actually ask a question. I have a 2001 CRV LX 2 wheel drive automatic with 135,000 miles. I have owned it for one year. Previous owner had timing belt, water pump, drive belt, coolant, etc changed at Honda dealer prior to...
  4. 2005 CRV - cold clatter and what I found out

    Problems & Issues
    I had the valve cover off yesterday to check camshaft lobes - especially the exhaust cam. Before I put the cover back on, I poured some Lucas synthetic oil stabilizer( not the heavy stuff) on the exhaust lobes and rollers. Today when I went out, there was no cold clatter so I think the...
  5. Diesel Clatter

    Diesel CR-V
    Wonder if any of you guys can help me. Got myself a 2008 model 2.2 EX Ctdi and am super impressed with everything about the car except the noise from the engine. The reviews said that the diesel was quiet and inaudable once on the move. However, mine is more like a tractor. Dealer says its...
  6. Engine clatter sound.

    Problems & Issues
    All, I have 2007 CR-V AWD LX model with 3000 miles. From day one I've noticed an engine clatter sound when I pressed on the accelerator. The sounds comes and go with acceleration. The engine clatter sound happens usually around 1200-1800 rpm and you can hear it at 25 mph to 35 mph. If you...