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    Read more about the Top 15 Best Clay Bars at
  2. Appearance
    I have zero experience with using one, but I think I'll try it just because. My question is why doesn't the clay pick up particles and other solids and hold them such that they'd scratch the paint ?? I understand that the car needs to be washed thoroughly first, but stuff happens. Any tips...
  3. Appearance
    Mothers Clay Bar System Has anyone tried these? How did it work out?
  4. Appearance
    I wonder who was the person who one day thought "oh lets get a piece of clay and rub it over my car and see what happens". That stuff works wonders. My car doesnt look pinkish anymore YAY. Now time for a frothie. oh put a pic of some lights i put on as well. :eek:
  5. Appearance
    Hey guys I have a big trip coming up Saturday and I figure its about time for an oil change I am a few hundred miles short of 3k but it has been more than 3 months and I would rather be careful than a cheap guy with no engine, anyways I bring the car to this hand wash lube place by my house the...
  6. Appearance
    Hi, Does anyone use the iCE liquid clay bar (TURTLE)on their CRV's? Is it safe for the bumper or exterior plastic? Thank you
  7. Appearance
    I have to be an idiot. I spent the last 4 hours washing and claying my V. Well from what I seen, I may as well rubbed it with a piece of Saran wrap or silly putty. I have some tree sap on the car and the sides have tiny tar spots. Never got to the sides. I was not successful in removing one...
1-7 of 7 Results