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  1. I can't clear diagnostic codes

    Problems & Issues
    Last week Honda replaced my VTC oil actuator for the 2nd time. The CEL went on the other day. I pulled a p0171. I looked under the hood and a hose that goes into VC was disconnected. I connected it and when I tried to clear the codes I was unable to. I've tried using my torque pro and a cheap...
  2. How do I Clean Instrument Panel Clear Panel

    Given this clear Panel scratches so easily how should I wipe or dust it?
  3. 2018 Clear instrument Screen Scratches

    Problems & Issues
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  4. 2008 Cr-V Cannot Clear P2185. Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor 2 Circuit High

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, My 2008 Cr-V was in a crash and I had to replace the radiator among a few things. The last thing I need is to fix the CEL. The only code it's throwing is P2185 for Coolant Sensor I replaced the coolant sensor, re-connected it. But I cannot clear the engine codes. I'm using Elmscan 5...
  5. Rear Bumper Protection (other than that clear film stuff)

    Hi everyone! When I purchased my CR-V it came with the clear applique film that goes on the rear bumper to protect it from scratches and damage when loading stuff in the trunk. For how expensive it was (the applique), I was really disappointed in the quality and decided to look for an...
  6. ''Clear" Air Deflector For Hood?

    I'm looking for a clear air deflector for my 2018 CR-V. All I can find is "Smoke" or tinted. I want to paint it my body color Thanks
  7. P0661 code - can't clear it.... 2005 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Okay, so a couple of weeks ago, I posted the saga of rebuilding the starter on this puppy. Since then, I have a check engine light. Hmm. So, pulling out my handy dandy Autel MaxiDiag 802, I pulled the codes: 107-1 (P0661) Permanent DTC IMT (IMRC) circuit voltage low and 107-1 (P0661)...
  8. Any Clear w Red LED or Tailights for 2017 CR-V?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Any Clear w Red LED Tailights (see pic) for 2017 CR-V? I see that some earlier models have aftermarket clear taillights with red LEDs available. They must be legal since you see competitors like Lexus with them Is this the kind of mod that comes later in a car's generation?
  9. Clear tail lights

    Hi, I'm a new 1st generation CRV owner. I saw an older post of some clear tail lights, do they still offer these?
  10. 2000 Honda CR-V leaking clear fluid

    Problems & Issues
    My car has been leaking clear fluid from the passenger side, I just noticed it this morning. I collected a few drops in a cup, it has no smell, and seems like water. Is anyone familiar with this issue?
  11. Replacing 2001 CRV SE Tinted Windows with Clear

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hey guys, As I am continuing to transform my 2001 SE into a Modified Off-Road, I am now on my next step, which is changing OUT the stock tinted windows and replacing them with the clear windows like those found on the 2001 LX model. Has anyone ever done anything like this before, and what type...
  12. Code will not clear out of the system EVAP

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, I am scratching my head on this, i just bought 2004 CRV, 140,000 miles. I have driven it 2 weeks, i love the thing. HORRIBLE GAS MILEAGE.. As i was driving the check engine light came on took it back to the dealer, it has a P0497 code on their scanned, replaced a valve in the evap...
  13. Looking For Clear Taillights?

    Looking For Clear Taillights Located In Los Angeles And Will Cover Shipping. . .
  14. Clear fluid leaking onto passenger side floor mats

    Problems & Issues
    Our 2002 Honda CRV is leaking some kind of clear fluid from the inside of the passenger side dash (underside) onto the floor mats, and at the same time is making a tinny, scrapey, strange noise from that same area of the car (seems to be inside the AC vents on that side, almost) any time we turn...
  15. Minimum jack height to clear wheels off ground for 2012 CRV

    Maintenance and Service
    I'm looking to start doing my own oil changes and rotations. I see a few 3-ton floor jacks with ~18" max height on sale here and there. Is this sufficient to clear the wheels off the ground? It's occasionally cheaper than Harbor Freight's 3-ton jack. Thanks!
  16. Euro Spec Clear Headlight Reflector

    Could anyone point me in the right direction to order a specific euro spec part? I'm looking for a gen 3 clear reflector to replace the OEM amber. I'm about to retrofit my headlights with HID so I am trying to get all my parts in order. You can see the difference in the pics below. The first one...
  17. Water spots on back side of speedometer/tachometer clear lense

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    I am seeing what appears to be water spots on the back side of the speedometer/tachometer lense. This is a 2013 CRV EX-L and in the sunlight you can hardly see the readings.
  18. 2012 CRV: clear coat problem?

    Problems & Issues
    I have owned several new cars in my life and always wash them thoroughly in the spring. Last year I noticed that my CRV had this weird bumpy feel to the paint even after washing it really really well. I was able to remove the grit with turtle wax bug and tar remover but I always felt it was...
  19. How do you clear codes?

    Problems & Issues
    Can someone please tell me how to clear a computer code from the memory on my 2007 CRV?
  20. Possible to Clear Check Engine Light without Code Reading/Clearing Device.

    Maintenance and Service
    I need to change my knock sensor which I plan to do myself, I had a shop diagnose it. Will the check engine light clear itself once the part is replaced or do I have to take it to the shop to clear the code once the faulty sensor is replaced? Anyway to do it manually like on the older OBDI systems?