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  1. Do I need to use primer before touching up 2011 CRV

    Dear Honda:
    The vehicle is Taffeta White, and there are a series of chips on the rear door. The grey metal is showing. Should I use a primer, then the paint, and add clear coat? :eek:
  2. '10 - Missing clearcoat on rear passenger door ridge.

    Wasn't sure whether to put it here or under "Problems & Issues"... Just got back from getting all the salt and road grime washed off the new baby and noticed something funny when going to get my lil' one out of the car. The ridge in the rear passenger side door looked a bit dull, thought for a...
  3. Problems with clearcoat?

    Problems & Issues
    I just gave my V her first bath and was rather disturbed to find something what looks like clear coat peeling in several locations. At first I saw it on the hood and was sure that somebody put several scratches on it but upon close examination I found it in several other spots including roof...
  4. Clearcoat problems on 2007

    Problems & Issues
    OK - I will post some pics to show exactly where my prob is happeing, but need to wait till it is sunny because I can't get a good shot in the garage. With that said..... Looking the the V from the rear - under the rear taillights - the clearcoat/paint (can't tell which) looks as though it is...