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  1. Starter, reuse original after clearing carbon dust

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello. I replaced the starter on my 2005 after it started pulling more and more current to turn over. It turned out that carbon dust had built up in the starter from brush wear. the brushes still looked good. I should of just cleaned and reinstalled but I had already bought a replacement.
  2. Watchout! Clearing snow from windshield on 2012+ crv

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Guys, be careful when you clear ice and snow from windshield using an ice scraper. The 2012+ crvs have a soft rubber seal where the glass meets the cowling at the bottom. I inadvertently damaged the seal! My 3 other Hondas do not have this soft rubber seal, so this caught me by surprise...
  3. '99 check engine light - clearing

    Maintenance and Service
    My '99 check engine light came out last week. The guys at Auto Zone said it is for an O2 sensor, but recommended that I get the code cleared once I fill up with gas again to see if it was simply bad gas. Does that seem plausible? I know replacing an O2 sensor isn't that big a deal, but if it...