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  1. Audible Click Behind Head Unit

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I just noticed an audible click behind the head unit when in park and idling while I tap on the brake. I compared it to an acquaintance's 2017 CR-V and I can barely hear the clicking. Is this something serious? Even when HU is powered of it does the same thing. TIA
  2. Audible click for 2017 CRV turn signal very, very weak.

    2017 CRV 1,000 miles. VERY weak click when turn signal on. If I get my ear down to steering wheel level I barely hear an audible click. Turn on radio & the noise wipes out any click. Is this normal? Any way to adjust if not?
  3. 2004 CR-V - Silent no click, no crank w/new starter+new battery+ new crank sensor

    Problems & Issues
    2/02/107: 2004 CRV all wheel drive 138K is having 'intermittent' no click, no crank, symptoms. Silent when turning the ignition key. No clicking, no crank. I'll then turn on the radio to send some electricity thru the system, and attempt to start again and then it starts. Weird. Grounding...
  4. Oil light flickers, RPMs dip, audibly click at idle after driving

    Problems & Issues
    Recently my girlfriend's 04 was in the shop (not a Honda Dealer) for a general check. $1800 later they'd made some adjustments and replaced some worn bits - axle boot, ball joints etc. it ran great when it went in, no mechanical issues at all. They changed the oil and filter, and said it needed...
  5. 06 CRV Dash Click Sound Complete Stop?

    My brother had recently purchased a 2006 CR-V and had the airbag recall replaced today by the dealership. Upon bringing the car home, he had noticed a sound from the dash area that wasn't present until now. I had just test driven the vehicle to confirm the sound of a click like a relay when...
  6. 2001 crv click behind window controls

    Problems & Issues
    my 2001 v is making an intermittent clicking sound behind the master window controls, above the fuse panel door. when present, it's always a pretty rapid-fire pace. it can go on for a few seconds or a few minutes, but it will always stop if i open the drivers door. the red 'door ajar' light also...
  7. 2015 CR-V - Click sound from steering when turning into parking or making turns

    Problems & Issues
    Hi All, I have a 2015 FWD CR-V in Singapore. Love how light the EPS is and wondering if the click sound I hear is normal or it's something the dealer should look into. I hear the sound whenever I and parking or turning at the junction. It clicks maybe every 1/2 turn and it's not very loud and...
  8. Turn Signal Will Not Click Off

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2002 that up until I had the airbags replaced was working fine. Both lrft and right turn signals no longer click off after completing the turn. All controls on the singaling arm work fine. I have been looking for the part number and any information I can find in the instalation process...
  9. 2000 CRV Click on Accel and Decel

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I have a 2000 Honda CRV with Automatic Transmission. I've noticed I get a click noise on acceleration and deceleration. For instance, if I accelerate from a stop, there will often be a single metallic click. If I accelerate hard, and then take my foot off the pedal to coast, there will...
  10. 2013-2014 Steering wheel clicking

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2014 EX and this issue started a couple of days ago. No matter which direction you're turning the steering wheel or how fast you're going it clicks all the time, every time. I had a 2012 EX and didn't have this issue. I am planning on bringing it in to the dealership tomorrow after...
  11. Annoying sensor-like click sound coming from passenger-side front dashboard

    Problems & Issues
    Hi CRV Owners Club, I am new to the club so would like to greet everyone first. I drive a 2009 model year Honda CRV Executive (European version). After driving the vehicle for approx. 15 - 20 minutes I start hearing a low-pitched but very annoying sensor-like click sound coming from...
  12. 99 CRV Manual Trans click

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 99 and when pushing in the clutch between gears there is a click sound. If you rock the vehicle by pushing it in gear you can hear it. Can't tell where it is coming from. Does it most from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd gear. The loudest is when taking off in first when the clutch is just...
  13. 2012 crv brake padle click sound

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, I have a new 2012 crv with 1700 miles on it. Recently I started noticing a slight click sound when I press the brake ladle. The sound is like a ballpoint pen click . It's only when I remove my leg from accelerator and press the brakes. Once its pressed, its fine and clicks only after I...
  14. CR-V Catalog Quick Click

    Be sure to mention “CRV OWNERS CLUB“ for the group discount for this site. For immediate assistance Monday – Friday 9-6 eastern 800-277-6674 • Bobby ext. 207 or Rusty ext. 261 For email assistance (usually within a few hours) Monday – Friday 9-6 eastern Bobby - [email protected] Rusty –...
  15. Transmission click

    Problems & Issues
    I searched the forum but not sure if this is normal. It is a 2011 SE 2wd, just 60 miles on it. I am noticing that if I put in R from park, there is no noise, but if I go from D to Reverse then there is a click. Sounds like a kick down cable or something, is this normal. I don't want to take...
  16. 97 CR-V engine tick/click

    Problems & Issues
    My mom's vehicle is a 97 CR-V, original owner, about 115k miles on it. After a 40 mile drive, I noticed the engine sounding different, so when i parked i popped the hood. It sounded like a metallic clicking/ticking sound. almost like someone had put a baseball card on the cam pulley. the...
  17. Click me naow!!!

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    ok here's da deal... as most of u are aware now, i replaced my stock rims/tires and i've gotten a few feedback saying that the tires are on the small side. i've narrowed it down to few options, now what do you think i should do? 1. buy new set of tires now and use em. 2. buy new set of tires...
  18. Click from front end when step on brakes

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2005 CR-V SE which seems to make fun noises. When I push down on the brakes, a single "click" can be heard from the front end of the car. The click isn't metallic sounding, but it isn't the same sound made when the anti-lock brakes disengage. The sound can be repeated anytime I put...
  19. CRV 05 - Click Noise Behind Driverside Dash

    Problems & Issues
    Whenever I begin to slow down from any speed over 5-10mph, I notice a small little *click* sound coming from behind the display dash. When I begin to speed up, once I pass 5mph, I hear a very VERY small click noise. It's more prominent when you slow down. And that's that! No functional...
  20. Honda CRV 2005 Clicking Sound from Dashboard

    Problems & Issues
    I just recently bought a used CRV 2005 EX. After purchasing it from Dealer, I noticed clicking sound dashboard when the car comes to Complete Stop. Two Honda Dealers have said nothig can be done about this This is known problem. Just want to know if you have also faced similar issue and if...