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  1. 2000 CRV - removing cowl cover

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    Hello all, New poster here. I need to remove the plastic cowl cover on my 2000 CRV. I have a water leak issue into the passenger side foot well during heavy rain and (based on a bit of looking around) I think there may be some blockage under there I need to clear. Everything I have read...
  2. Front fender clip?

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Hello, I have 2009 CRV EX 4WD (US model) and under the front fender liners, close to the front bumper from inside, I see a lip with a hole on each side (left and right) protrudng and what looks to be a corresponding hole on the fender liner (see attached picture). Should the lip be fastened to...
  3. PRL Cold Air Intake Sound Clip

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    This is probably my last post here on the forums. Hope you all enjoy.
  4. 2002-2006 CR-V Door lock cylinder clip is not visible

    Problems & Issues
    I've looked at the diagrams, and it is clear that the door lock cylinder is supposed to be held with a wire clip that pulls out from the bottom. As you can see in this picture from below the lock, the clip is not visible. I've tried to feel around and hook it with an angled awl, but there is...
  5. Broken CV joint clip off back differential

    Problems & Issues
    Good day to you all. I have owned a Honda CRV for the last 2 months and have been loving it. It is the 2005 Automatic transmission 4wd. I took it to some dunes and got a bit carried away. At one point the rear differential slammed on a dune. In the process the clip keeping the half shaft in the...
  6. Where i can buy this Clip ?

    Mobile Electronics
    i broken this clip and i search the name or place for buy it Anyone can help me ? Its for the cover my audio unit
  7. Pro Clip Mount Available

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Just got notified that Proclip mount for CRV is now available. It appears to sit over the left hand vent above the information display. I just ordered so cannot supply any pics.
  8. Rear panel clip help please

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all, just joined up and after a bit of assistance if possible? Just bought my first CR-V (2007 - UK 2.0 v-tec) and at some point in it's life it's had a small knock to the rear left corner, which has broken the clip that secures the small panel right below the light cluster on the left hand...
  9. Inner Fender Clip 2013 CRV FYI

    Problems & Issues
    Sheared a clip washing mud off inside the fenders with a long brush. Went to a local dealer and they wanted $5 each! Fortunately they only had 2 in stock, but they were reserved for somebody else, so I passed. I try to support the local economy and buy locally, but I knew before I went that I...
  10. 2004 CRV - Instrument Lights & Door Lock Rod Clip

    Problems & Issues
    I'm having trouble finding a replacement light for the gear shift panel on my dashboard (I swapped 1st gear with Drive so that at least the important one would light up, but I'd like to replace the bulb that's burnt out). Can somebody tell me what to look for? *EDIT* Odometer light is replaced...
  11. Front Bumper Gap - Need Advice!

    Problems & Issues
    Just bought an 07 CR-V and noticed there is a small gap between the front left headlight and the bumper. No accidents, but it does have aftermarket fog lights. I'm thinking the bumper wasn't properly reinstalled. It looks like there is a small clip that the bumper should slide into when I push...
  12. 04 CRV Loud whine with A/C engaged - video clip included

    Problems & Issues
    Please help. I can not find a similar clip to help me identify what my issue is. When I'm driving without the A/C on, everything seems to be fine. No weird noises or power issues. When i turn the A/C on, I get this very loud whining noise and the car...
  13. Clip on Rear View Mirror

    Hi, I'm buying a new one next week but concerned about the rear visibility. Has anyone tried the panorama clip on mirrors? I'm looking at the HD Rear View Mirror at or the Hercules.
  14. Anyone know where I can find this retainer clip?

    Just finished installing the door visors. Everything went fairly smoothly except for one broken clip (see attached). I checked "" and "" with no luck. The size of the clip is super small. Any ideas??? Thanks