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  1. When changing clutch does flywheel need replacing?

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    I'm in need of changing my clutch for my car and was wandering when changing the clutch do I need to change the flywheel in this model as well or not?
  2. Clutch pedal randomly sticks to floor

    Problems & Issues
    Hi This is my first post on this site and I’m really hoping someone can help. Twice today my clutch pedal stuck to the floor but I was able to pull it up and keep driving. I had my slave and master cylinder replaced about a month ago because I was having problems shifting. Everything has been...
  3. 02 CRV MT clutch snap sound looks like master cylinder popped a screw, split leaked

    Problems & Issues
    02 CRV MT clutch snap sound looks like master cylinder popped a screw, split leaked This just happened to me 1 hour ago. 2002 CRV MT. car off. push clutch down. snap/pop sound. noticed the clutch master cylinder has slight split apart. at one of the 3 screw points (triangle shaped) one screw...
  4. 2.2 Ctdi Clutch and DMF

    Diesel CR-V
    My V's clutch recently started slipping quite badly, it slipped at higher speeds with higher revs but after I went out this weekend and drove a bit far on the highway the slippage is MUCH MUCH worse. It used to be when the turbo kicks, slipping from 2500 rpm- 3500 rpm. Now it's gotten to the...
  5. CRV Gen 1 5sp manual - correct clutch disengagement height?

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    Got my CRV with the hydraulics on the clutch leaking, the clutch disengagement height had been previously fiddled with. I like a low clutch engagement, easier on your knees and easier to feel the engagement point. The service manual has the engagement point at 34mm/1.5" from the lowest pedal...
  6. 2009 CRV - Transmission Clutch Pressure Switch Code

    Problems & Issues
    Guys (and gals), My daughter has an '09 LX (automatic transmission) and just got a check engine light. She got the code, I've never heard of this one: P0843 - 2nd clutch transmission fluid pressure switch stuck off. Probable cause 1 - Open or short circuit condition. 2. Faulty pressure...
  7. 2001 CRV clutch issue engaging gears

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    Hi. I have a 2001 1st gen CRV with manual transmission and 4x4. Yesterday when I went to drive the car I could not get it to engage any gear. Whilst the car is off I can depress the clutch pedal and move the shifter into the correct position however this is not possible if I start the car in...
  8. 2007-2011 Replacing AC Clutch and Coil

    Problems & Issues
    Our CRV is starting to have intermittent air. We are a year outside the extended warranty. When the air fails to come on I can clearly see the clutch not engaging. If I tap it, it engages. Was going to either replace compressor or get new ac clutch and coil. It appears to replace the ac...
  9. squeaky clutch

    Greetings & Introductions
    Honda crv 2.2 diesel just bought 128000 miles everything seams fine apart from creaky clutch pedal anybody solved this problem thanks Chris.
  10. Clutch Replacement on 2007 2.2 i-CDTI

    Maintenance and Service
    I would like suggestions on Clutch Replacement on my vehicle...Current Mileage 27000km and have only had a recon done on the alternator. What do I expect to pay for such a repair and where should I go? Any suggestions/comments will be appreciated.
  11. 2008 CRV 2.2 clutch problems

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, New to the forum here, thanks in advance for helping out. I've got a 2008 CRV, 2.2 with around 120k miles on it. Over the past month or so the clutch has been playing up quite a bit. Sometimes sticking to the floor when in 1st around town, requiring a toe flip up to disengage and move...
  12. AC clutch

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Trying to wrap my mind around how the AC clutch works. Specifically, with the AC in the off position. What keeps the outer friction plate away from the pulley? It seems like if it they touch. The friction plate would get red hot. Just don't understand what keeps them apart while the clutch is...
  13. How to change RE4 clutch master cylinder

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    The Clutch master cylinder is sticking. Is it difficult to change as it is under the dash?
  14. clutch noise and groans mk3

    Problems & Issues
    faults with clutch pedal and slave noise.
  15. Replace AC Compressor. Buy? Details?

    Maintenance and Service
    My AC stopped working a year ago 160k+ Miles The clutch does not seem to engage. Does not spin with engine on, but can turn by hand. crv 2007 EX-L 3rd Gen Currently have Sanden TRSE09 Model 3752 ( I am guessing this is the original ) Since replacing just the clutch while on the car is...
  16. Odd clutch fault.

    Diesel CR-V
    We have an 06 diesel Crv (UK). Occasionally the clutch feels a bit odd (heavy/sticky pedal). It had a lot of gungey black goo in the reservoir, so I got that out and bled it through. Still does it occasionally. not inclined to swap the cylinders till I am sure what the fault is, but there are no...
  17. 2002 cr-v, A/C clutch engaging and disengaging problem

    Problems & Issues
    I have 2002 Honda cr-v. my car A/C is not working good. A/C clutch engaging and disengaging problem. When a/c clutch engage that time Freon pressure is 30 PSI at Low side and when a/c clutch disengage at that time Freon pressure is 100 psi at Low side. On compressor has high pressure relief...
  18. Simple 2005 A/C Clutch Question

    Problems & Issues
    I am not sure exactly how the clutch works to connect the belt pulley to engage/rotate the compressor. My clutch, as viewed from the visible part of the external clutch plate, DOES spin with the pulley when the A/C is on. (Relay clicks/operates this A-OK.) But NO COOL. System is charged with...
  19. 2007 A/C Compressor Clutch Recall

    Problems & Issues
    I was wondering if anyone out there has had this an issue with their AC. The dealer wants to diagnose my problem for $131 to confirm that is an actual recall issue and not something else. Not very comfortable with that.
  20. 2nd Gen - Spongy Clutch has me stumped!

    Maintenance and Service
    Just bought my 2nd CRV it’s a 2002. This one is a manual and its having some issues with the clutch. I press the clutch pedal to the floor and about half of the pedals stroke is just compressing air (that’s what it feels like anyway, I definitely don’t know however,and I would be very...