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  1. 2012 CRV: clear coat problem?

    Problems & Issues
    I have owned several new cars in my life and always wash them thoroughly in the spring. Last year I noticed that my CRV had this weird bumpy feel to the paint even after washing it really really well. I was able to remove the grit with turtle wax bug and tar remover but I always felt it was...
  2. Clear coat scratch or something deeper. How to repair?

    I scratched the side of my vehicle with another piece of metal. Around the scratch there was white powder like substance that I brushed off... it must have been some of the clear coat. It's about 2" long and 1/8" wide scratch. I don't think that it went down to the metal. I used Meguiars...
  3. Clear coat

    Posted this on another thread, probably the wrong one. Just purchased new 2012 CRV EX-L with Nav. Did not take the Clear Coat option ($400) but think it is a good idea to coat the car. Looking for pros/cons to coating and if it can be done at another place ? Any recommendations for where to do...
  4. Additional Clear Coat?

    Hello - I have a question that I can't find answered by searching the forums: I purchased new a 2007 CR-V EX, and at the time did not get the additional clear coat, paint sealant, whatever it's called. I had purchased this for my new 1997 Honda Civic, and when I sold it 11 years later the...
  5. Clear coat damage???

    Below is a photo of a blemish in the paint of a 2000 CR-V that we just bought. A few people said it was damage to the clear coat but I know little about dealing with paint issues. It does seem to be close to be on the surface when I rub my finger over it. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?
  6. No clear coat

    Dear Honda:
    I got new crv 15 Aug 09. Yesterday I washed and waxed. What I noticed was that on the bottom third of the door's interiors it only had paint. It was missing the clearcoat. I went and checked my scion xb, gmc truck, odessey and taurus to see if they too had no clearcoat but they did. My dealer...
  7. Clear coat scratches

    Hi all, Is there a way I can repair small scratches in the clear coat?