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  1. Anyone here familiar with comma ai self driving?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    If you haven't heard of then I highly suggest you look into it! If you have a vehicle with Honda sensing you are seriously missing out it you don't add a kit to it. I previously had it running on my 2016 civic and it's the best thing I have ever invested in. I will be...
  2. COMMA 5--30 Fully Synthetic

    Diesel CR-V
    Im a little unsure of this oil suitability ,, for my 05 CRV 2.2 cdti there is a lot of confusing info ,, the auto part store said COMMA 5--30 Fully Synthetic is ideal ,,,,,, But when i checked a COMMA list it said the company had no oil for this engine at this time ??? Any ones help...