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  1. Cross version compatibility - steering wheels - controls

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I've just bought a MK2 CR-V. I am from the UK so can only tell you what they call it here ... it's the CR-V I-VTEC SE Sport auto 2.0, RHD being British. Registered 2003 so, MK2 I have what I consider to be a naked steering wheel. No controls of any kind for ICE or Cruise so, the question is...
  2. Floormat compatibility

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Hi, all, Have an '09 ex, and have the opportunity to install all weather mats from a 2016 CRV very cheaply. Will they fit? Perfection is not needed in terms of coverage; I'm more concerned with the plastic hook/eye configuration that holds them to the floor. Attached is a picture of the...
  3. MirrorLink Compatibility on 2015 CR-V EX

    Hello Everyone, i just bought 2015 CR-V EX model today and also found this forum today and decided to join this forum in order to solve some of the problem i am having and also to get knowledge about CR-V through awesome ppl from this forum. I heard 2015 CR-V EX has a Mirror Link so therefore...
  4. Help to test an iPhone app AutoFindr compatibility with Honda Bluetooth

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I work for a very small company that just released a new iPhone app that is designed to use a car's existing bluetooth connection to detect when a car is parked and automatically save the location. We currently only have 4 users for the app and I don't know anyone with a Honda - I would...
  5. 2015 roof cross bar compatibility?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Will cross bars for a 2011 CR-V fit on a 2015? Can I get away with ordering the off brand on Ebay for $80, or do I need to get the expensive OEM or Thule cross bars? Any suggestion for a relatively inexpensive roof cargo carrier? I picked up a 2015 AWD CR-V EX-L last week, and I want to increase...
  6. 96-01 Honda CR-V Parts Compatibility

    Performance Modifications
    Is there a sticky or thread that shows what parts are interchangeable between the years\generations of CRVs? I tried to do a search and didn't come up with anything. The CR-V has been around for a while, I would think there's some Frankenstiening going on. I was specifically looking to see if...
  7. Fuel injector compatibility question.

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Will the fuel injectors of a 96-98 Honda Civic 1.6L L4 SOHC 16V work with a 1997 CR-V 2.0L non vtech L4?
  8. Question about compatibility of Japan vs UK built headlights

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    So I bought new headlights for my 5 speed 2006 and I bought them for a Japan built CRV. After they arrived I noticed when I opened the driver's side door written on a sticker that mine was actually built in the UK. I notice they have two types of headlights for my year and model, UK & Japan...
  9. under dash fuse block compatibility

    Problems & Issues
    Hello everyone I have used this site many times but this is the first time I have had to post . I usually find my answers by just searching old posts. Anyway I took my 02 crv to the dealer to confirm that my under dash fuse block was bad (found post that had all the same symptoms no a/c no cab...
  10. Transmission compatibility

    Maintenance and Service
    i have a 98 CRV 4wd. i was wondering if a 99-01 4wd tranny work on a 97 and 98?
  11. iPhone5 compatibility with Gen 4?

    Mobile Electronics
    Has anyone read anything about whether iPhone 5 will be compatible with the USB port in the Gen 4s? Wondering if the port would either accept the iP5 outright with its new Lightning cord, or if you used your pre-Lightning cord with a Lightning adapter.
  12. 2001 CR-V Stereo compatibility between different CR-V years?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello, Short-time listener and first-time poster. We just picked up an 2001 Honda CR-V that has a CD player and a cuddy space under it, almost effectively sized for a double-DIN. I want to know if it's possible for a 2010 Factory Honda CR-V CD player will work in our 2001 CR-V? Essentially...
  13. 2007 Roof Rack Bike Attachment Compatibility Issue

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    I have a Honda factory roof rack on my 2007 CR-V (part number 08L02-SWA-100) and I have just bought two Honda roof rack mounted bike attachments (part number 08L07-TA1-102) to install on the rack but I seem to be having compatibility issues. The problem is that I can't figure out how to slide...
  14. Rear Spoiler compatibility with Kayaks?

    Biking, Camping, Hiking, & Kayaking
    My husband and I just bought our new 2009 CRV and will be picking it up next week. We want to have the dealer install the rear spoiler on the car. We are concerned that the spoiler will possibly cause a problem when trying to open the trunk if 2 16 foot kayaks are on the roof. Will there be...