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  1. Front Windshield is Thiner than other Honda's - Said the Glass Man

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Hey Gang, I have been trying to keep my windshield ding/crack free. Paying for glass dings every few weeks. Now a small pebble did crazy damage. When speaking with a local glass man he said they have replaced many updated Honda CRV's 2017/2018. He suggest for me to report this issue to get a...
  2. Complaint Against Honda of Kenosha

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    I purchased a 2014 CRV, EX, 4WD from them. After many emails and coordination, I was clear I didn't want any extras. At the last minute, they dropped the 0.9% APR indicating they couldn't "honor" ( as if they have honor) that price because they couldn't claim their $500 dealer cash. So, I...
  3. How to write a complaint about honda dealership?

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    Folks, I am in the marketing for a new CR EX-L, Navi, 2wd, with apparently a unique combination of opal exterior/beige interior. Today I experienced truest form of bait and switch, and would like to file a formal compliant with honda. If there is a way, preferable on-line or via e-mail, to file...
  4. Sun Visors Sag - File Complaint

    Problems & Issues
    Some have sent me messages asking about how to file a complaint to maybe get American Honda to recall due to the sun visor issue. Many have had 2, 3, 4 sets of new visors on 2006 CRVs. They only last a few months.
  5. Rain Visibility 2011

    Problems & Issues
    Am I crazy or am I the only person who is having issues with the lack of water clearance from my windshield when it rains heavily? Any time I get caught in a heavy rain (35mph and up) the wipers appear to 'pull' the water in a wave back into the line of vision. Under extemely heavy rain...
  6. OK,another poor MPG complaint

    Problems & Issues
    The wife was getting 20.4 or so MPG over the winter and now it's down to 18.9.No A/C use. Highway obviously is better at around 24 which is still low.I can live with that but 18.9 combined MPG with around 70% city is awful. Dealer service says the mileage will improve with time.Well,it's gotten...
  7. Windshield appearance complaint

    Problems & Issues
    Windshield I have an issue with my 2011 CRV. When the afternoon sun is shining into the front windshield, you can see lots of tiny spots that look sort of like the windshield is pitted - but the exterior seems to be fine. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this.