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  1. FS Yakima Complete Roof Rack Components w/Load Warrior Basket for First Gen Crv!

    Trading Post
    Have had this set-up on my 1999 CRV for several years. Makes it look pretty cool for not a lot of money. Includes the following: 1) Yakima Load Warrior Rooftop Basket (Retail $300)(NOT FOR SALE) 2) Yakima 48" Cross Bars and End Caps w/Q Towers and SRS Locks w/keys (Retail $360) 3) Box of 4...
  2. 2003 Replacement speakers coaxial or components?

    Mobile Electronics
    Looking to replace the speakers in my UK 2003 CRV as the passenger front is blown. What's the options? I was thinking about some 6.5" coaxials mounted to a mdf ring mounted straight to the door. Other options are using an adaptor for 5" speakers as it looks like the civic is the same mount...
  3. Focal k2 or Polk Components?

    Mobile Electronics
    I currently have 2 options 1 is for a pair of the Polk DB 6501 and option 2 (the one i'm leaning towards) Focal K2 Power 165 KLE 2-way component speakers. I can get the the Polks for less then $80 shipped The Focal setup is in the $180 to 200 range. Which is cheap as they are limited and...
  4. engine cooling fan not working...all new components

    Problems & Issues
    been having some long term cooling issues with out 98 crv. stared last year with a blown head gasket. replaced it as well as the radiator, tstat and temp sensor and switch. seem to work good until summer. had to leave tstat out all summer to run at normal temp. found that the eng cooling fan was...
  5. WTB: Yakima Components

    Trading Post
    Howdy All! I just purchased a 2008 CR-V LX and need some new rack parts to carry the bicycles. So I was wondering if any of you have a set of Yakima Control Towers for sale? I have 4 Q towers for sale! Thanks, Matt