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  1. Difficulty in keeping Samsung Galaxy S8+ connected

    Mobile Electronics
    I bought a 2018 EX-L a few weeks ago. When I plug the phone into the 1.5A USB port it loads up right away and I am connected. Problem is the slightest movement of the cable causes it to disconnect. I went to the Verizon store and they said the problem was probably the USB cable and sold me...
  2. 2017 CRV - Can't keep Android Auto connected. Takes the fun out of driving.

    Problems & Issues
    It worked for several months, now I can't get AA to remain connected at all. I think I have been through everything. I just tried the recommended high quality Belikin 3.1 USB cord, it didn't make any difference. This is so frustrating. One of the main reasons we went with the Honda over the...
  3. No Device (USB flash drive) Connected

    Problems & Issues
    All of a sudden none of my flash drives are working. I have one that even lights up to indicate it is connected, but on the screen i keep on getting the No Device Connected message. I have unplugged, turned off and restarted the car, and tried other flash drives that I know are functional. I...
  4. How Do I Stop my 2012 CR-V from Playing iTunes when my iPhone 6 is Connected?

    Mobile Electronics
    I just started using the Waze GPS app, which I really like. What's even better is that my 2012 CR-V EX-L will play the navigation instructions through the car's speakers. However, there are times when I just want the Waze app using the speakers, not iTunes. What has been happening lately is...
  5. Lots of Connected Audio options: which ones do you use?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    The new 2017 CR-V comes with lots of audio options: traditional FM and AM, iPod / USB drives, SiriusXM satellite radio, HD radio, smartphone connected via Bluetooth, smartphone via Apple CarPlay / Android Auto but no CD or tape anymore. I get almost 100% of my entertainment via the connected...
  6. 2015 Honda CR-V - Leaking Trans fluid from in-line module connected to radiator

    Problems & Issues
    I just put a new set of tires on my 2005, while in the tire shop, the tech mentioned that I have Trans fluid leaking from an in-line module in the front of the engine. This module is connected in-line between the metal tube in the front of the transmission and to the radiator. It has a rubber...
  7. 2015 eclipsed-navi, connected an HDMI. only half the screen shows up?

    Mobile Electronics
    I connected an HDMI source to the HDMI connector in the armrest. I select HDMI as the audio source. The picture comes up nice, but only the left half of the screen. The right half is blank (and right half of source is missing). Any ideas?
  8. 2010 CRV EX-L Factory Subwoofer connected to Pioneer Avic NEX - SUCCESS

    Mobile Electronics
    Just a quick note on a setup that took me a while to figure out and thought I'd share the info as I could not find any decent info on the web. I installed a Pioneer Avic NEX5000 (Apple Car Play) in the CRV and wanted to try and connect the Honda factory subwoofer which located under the...
  9. Google Maps Voice issue while connected to CRV Bluetooth

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, Sorry, I know there were a few threads on the same but did not find any solution as such, hence reposting. I am facing some issues with my CRV when I use Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation system, when connected to the Car via bluetooth. Now, I have an iPhone 5s and CRV 2012 EX-L. The...
  10. IPOD discharges if left connected.

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2013 CR-V. When i connect my IPOD and leave it connected for any period of time, i get a "hard" crash of the IPOD with the battery completely drained. I have to leave it in a charger for a full day just for it to come alive again. This has happened to me 3 times now on trips. Is this...
  11. Please provide a way to Pause/Play audio from devices connected to the CR-V

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    Please read this short thread for a more detailed description of the issue Summary: for 2014 CR-V w Navigation (and maybe w/o Nav as well): There is no way to Pause/Play tracks (using the...
  12. 2012 EX-L + Kicker PT10 connected to OEM sub = bliss

    Mobile Electronics
    So I finally got around to having Car Toys (Frisco, TX) install my Kicker P10. It was installed on my 2006 SE, which did not come with a factory sub. Since the 2006 didn't have an OEM sub, I had to manually tune the Kicker P10, using a remote knob thingie. Since the 2012 does have an OEM sub...
  13. 1998 CR-V: Plug not connected on ECU, should I plug it?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys I have a check engine. I thought it was the valves, so I adjusted the valve clearance, lite on after 2 days. Today, I plugged an OBDII scanner and got P0136 and P0138. Looked in the CRV service manual and they say to check the connections on the ECU and on the O2 sensor (i'm pretty sure...
  14. Battery Terminal incorrectly Connected

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi, Feels like a biggest fool in the world right now. I tried to replace my dead battery with a new one in a hurry in the dark so that my wife could take it to work. But messed up big time. Incorrectly connected the Battery terminal. CRV made some noise, so corrected my mistake, to see that my...
  15. I found some great Solutions for iPad stand/dock, accessory connected, charge + data

    Mobile Electronics
    1. Dock: Mophie Powerstand - very expensive ($150.00 + tax), but very sturdy, which is great Siri/typing/gestures, etc. One other downside is that it is made from aluminum and is heavy. I have it well secured with industrial velcro (I put it in the recess where the info screen is), but I...
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    Discount Tire
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  17. Emission Light Connected to Transmission?

    Problems & Issues
    I was idling in a bank's drive through when the emissions light suddenly came on and then proceeded to have much higher rpms when automatic shifting. I have never had problems with the transmission before. 123,000 miles 2002 CRV LX. The transmission fluid level is fine but the fluid is slightly...