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  1. 2018 CR-V EX-L Android Auto connectivity and cables problem

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    All, I am a tech geek and retired test pilot. I've done a bit of troubleshooting in my life :applause: I have had periodic issues since buying my CR-V the beginning of the year with USB-C to USB-A cables that don't work in the CR-V to pass data. The symptoms presented are a "device not...
  2. CR-V 2017 - Memory Seat || Wipers || Audio || Phone Bluetooth connectivity

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, I had few questions about the CR-V 2017 EXL . Q1: Memory seat in CR-V 2017 EXL: After saving the seat config to one of the memory buttons on the door, it does keep the seat intact to the position everytime. But unlike other cars, when I stop the engine, I don't see the Seat going back...
  3. 2017 EX-L Bluetooth and IPhone Connectivity

    Problems & Issues
    I am supposed to be able to connect up to 5 phones via bluetooth to my EX-L radio. We have two Iphone 6S Plus phones and about 90% of the time only one of them will connect to the car. I know that if you are connected via Apple Play it will only hook up to that phone, but we are not connected...
  4. Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

    Problems & Issues
    Have 2017 CR-V EXL 4WD. When playing music via bluetooth the music drop out momentary (skips). Using Samsung Galaxy S4 , S7 and S8. Doesn't matter which phone, problem is the same. When I do a factory reset on display audio, (Home/Setting/System/Factory data reset), the problem goes away for...
  5. 2017 CRV EX Bluetooth Connectivity

    Problems & Issues
    We just purchased a brand new 2017 EX AWD and we LOVE IT! However, the newest and greatest technology is a little bit frustrating for me. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 Cricket/AT&T smartphone that is easily paired to the vehicle, but drops off constantly. The pairing will reconnect sometimes all...
  6. Bluetooth Connectivity in 2013 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Just bought a 2013 CRV and liking the vehicle except that the I phone 6 plus with the bluetooth will randomly and way too too frequently disconnect and reconnect. It happens whether I am on the phone talking or not on the phone. When I am on the phone, it will disconnect-shows on the screen...
  7. iPhone connectivity in 2012 CRV EX

    Problems & Issues
    Another set of questions, and I don't seem to see any thread about this here, so once more, here goes. We can still cancel our purchase of the 2012 CRV EX if this problem is not addressed, so maybe there's someone here who has the solution. I read about problems with the iPhone connectivity...
  8. 2007 EX-L Rosen system iPod Connectivity

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all, New member; just got my baby today and love it. However, I am having trouble playing my iPhone 3GS music on the Rosen nav+multimedia system. I checked the Rosen website and according to them, the phone should work for playing music. However, when I plug it using the auxillary wire, the...
  9. Losing Bluetooth connectivity

    Mobile Electronics
    Anyone ever had a problem losing Bluetooth connectivity? Connection stays good for a day or so, then the system acts like there is no phone linked anymore. Not sure if it's the V or phone. Phone: HTC Droid 2010 EX-L Any tips would be apprecited before we take her back to the dealer.