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  1. 2018 CRV Touring - Continuous Beeping after remote start and drive.

    Problems & Issues
    After work this morning I remote started my CRV. I entered as normal, placed my foot on the brake and pressed start. The CRV continued to triple beep every 3-4 seconds while I drove out of the parking lot. Looking around the dash I could not find any out of the ordinary warning signs or...
  2. 99 CRV won't start, continuous clicking on turning ignition

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    I had my 99 CR-V sit for at least a week without use and when I tried to start it there was a continuous clicking/fluttering sound coming from behind the dash. The lights were ok and turned on. I jumped the V and it started up. 2 days later the lights and alarm are tripping, the V won't start up...
  3. 2007 Battery Drain - No Continuous Draw

    Problems & Issues
    Having a real pain with my 2007 CR-V EX. Over the last 6 months it will randomly fail to start as the battery has gone flat, I have replaced the battery thinking it was just the age of it, however since then I have still had several flat batteries after the vehicle been stood for a few days. I...
  4. Rear proximity sensor - continuous bleep

    Problems & Issues
    Hello, Anyone come across this one before... When in reverse - the sensors for proximity just bleep continuously (and 'no' - there is nothing behind or even near the car at this point). The front sensors are fine. Thanks
  5. Continuous air flow in footwell of car

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 Honda CR-V SE AWD. With all of the options turned off on the vent system and the vents closed, I get cold air coming into the footwell of the driver seat. It is very uncomfortable. Pressing the "recirculate" button doesn't help. I have tried just about every setting and can't...