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  1. Performance Modifications
    Let's skip all the "just buy the 4wd model" crap, considered it, and this is the better way to go for me. Parts can be had for ~$1500 that I know of. I already know I'd need the rear diff and axles, looks like the hubs on the 2wd are the same, and obviously I'd need the 4wd trans and I'm...
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Hello All, New to the forum here and I want to get all the details on what I need to get to swap out the fugly LX stereo and install the OEM CD changer unit. 1. I can find the OEM unit online for years 07-11. The difference between the two versions I can find is that the Gen 3 version has...
  3. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hi I've searched the forum but couldn't find this answered anywhere else so forgive me if it has already been covered. We are contemplating shipping a 2007 CR-V (3rd Gen) from sunny LA to the UK. On Euro cars, a lot have a switch on the back of the headlamp units to convert the beam pattern...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    Is there anyway to convert my xm to sirius? I have an 07 exl navi w/ built in xm. I need my Stern fix!!!!
  5. Dear Honda:
    Hi all, i have been obtaining quotes to convert my 2002 CRV Sport 2.0ltr, my problem is i have been told the vehicle is not suitable due to having soft valve seats, is this true?, Does Honda sell a part to combat this?, i really need to get the conversion done as the fuel bill is killing me...