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  1. 2012 Cooling Fan Issues?

    Problems & Issues
    I have approximately 7000 miles on my LX and haven't heard my electric cooling fan in all this heat. Pretty sure I heard it before but haven't heard it recently. Although I have had no warning lights etc., I'm a little concerned. I'd appreciate any comments.
  2. Question: how to access/disconnect the transmission cooling return line?

    Maintenance and Service
    I want to flush the transmission by disconnecting the cooling return line to a buck, it seems it is hard to find and disconnect it. Does any body know how to do it? Do I have to remove the cover underneath? If so, I may just D&F. Thanks.
  3. Transmission Cooling Radiator

    Problems & Issues
    CRV has 2 radiators (one for engine cooling and transmission cooling, one for air conditioner). Each one has its own fan. I have my 1998 CRV transmission rebuilt. Mechanic told me that he added an additional transmission radiator and by-passed (no longer use) the original radiator because he was...
  4. 1997 over cooling now over heating

    Problems & Issues
    HI im new to the suv thing but not to hondas i have had my 99 civic for 4 years rebuilt the engine nd swapped it myself. recently bought a crv for the gf, when driving it to the mechanics realized the temp gauge was going from all the way cold to right around where it should be, so i asked...
  5. Radiator & Condenser Cooling Fans relay/fuse, where is it?

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2006 Honda CR-V and mysteriously both the radiator and condenser fans both quit working at the same time. So if I'm stuck in traffic on a hot day the engine overheats and there's no way I can run the a/c at idle. I've check the fuses in the dash fuse panel and they are good, I check...
  6. engine cooling fan not working...all new components

    Problems & Issues
    been having some long term cooling issues with out 98 crv. stared last year with a blown head gasket. replaced it as well as the radiator, tstat and temp sensor and switch. seem to work good until summer. had to leave tstat out all summer to run at normal temp. found that the eng cooling fan was...
  7. Cooling Fans

    Problems & Issues
    My 2001 CR-V runs great and does NOT overheat. The temperature guage never reads above the midway mark. BOTH fans will come on when I turn on the a/c. However, when the a/c is off, I NEVER see or hear the one that is dedicated to the radiator cooling (the one of the right) cycle on/off. It seems...
  8. Engine Cooling Fan

    Problems & Issues
    My engine nearly overheated today while driving some steep mountain roads on this nearly 100 degree day. Temperature gauge spiked up near the red zone! I pulled the hood and noticed one of the two cooling fans was not running. Under normal circumstances it seems to stay cool enough with just one...