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  1. Aux Cord issue

    Mobile Electronics
    Having issues getting my phone to recognize that an aux cord has been plugged in on my 2007 CRV. It is only this phone, my old phone worked fine, my kids' devices work fine AND this phone works fine in other cars and on my computer as far as recognizing AUX or headphones. Ideas? I have no...
  2. 2015 CRV Touring - adding Escort Live a Smart Cord Direct Wire

    Mobile Electronics
    Which 10amp fuse slot is best to use when adding the add-a-fuse / add-a-circuit. I tried the radio slot but it stays on all the time. I'm thinking of trying the rear wiper fuse next. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  3. Can't find the block heater cord in my 2011 Honda.... car won't start, need to charge

    Problems & Issues
    Whereabouts should I be looking? I could have swore that the cord was on the driver side, but the only tip that I have found traversing the internet was that it was around the glove compartment/cabin filter. Can anyone help? Living in Winnipeg, MB.... -50 winters.... I should know this. Thanks