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  1. 99 CR-V Brake line rotted on removing the covers I found a strange leak! Need Advise!

    Problems & Issues
    Hi A while back, (before I was laid off from my job) a brake line failed on our CR-V. We took it into a local repair shop,(expecting they would do a good job...), A year an a bit later I'm without a job driving it back from shopping and the brake pedal goes very sponge, I knew what had...
  2. Is this excessive battery corrosion (Photos)

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    I just passed the 30,000 mile mark on my '17 CR-V EX-L and while looking over the engine compartment I noticed that the positive battery terminal had a lot of corrosion around it. Would you considered this to be an excessive amount of corrosion? Should I ask my dealer to clean up the...
  3. 2018 CRV corrosion on bolt

    Maintenance and Service
    This may sound trivial. I was looking under the car today. I took delivery on Wednesday. One of the bolts holding the rear sway bar, left bushing is completely corroded. It almost like the bolt was defective and not corrosion treated. I was going to call the dealer tomorrow, and see if...
  4. 17 CRV Chrome Trim Rusting

    Problems & Issues
    Brand new CRV Touring rusting in it's first Colorado winter. Half way through its first winter rust/corrosion/tarnish is developing on chrome trim below back window, on tail pipes, and along the base of the doors. Rust developing after about 10 storms (5400 total miles) and regular washing...
  5. Is rustproofing and undercoating CRV protect it from corrosion and rust?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Hey CRV Gang, I live on the coast of South Texas. The Wife is wondering if we need to undercoat our New CRV? Pros and Cons? We also drive on the beach every few weeks. thanks..
  6. Transmission dip-stick tube had crud or dirty buildup

    Maintenance and Service
    Just did a drain and fill of the transmission fluid on a 07 CRV and during the process I noticed something disturbing. The dip-stick tube had this white stuff in it. Some sort of corrosion or build up on the inner wall. My fear of course is this stuff getting into the fluid. The dipstick...
  7. At War with!

    Problems & Issues
    After along journey, I solved the passenger-side cabin water leak so commom in 1st Gen CRVs. I pulled the carpet up to dry and treat the mildew. That was three months ago. While poking around at suspicious rust areas in the floor pan, I created a 3-4" hole in one spot, and started discovering...
  8. Corrosion problem in one week old CRV from Classic Motors Trinidad

    Problems & Issues
    Hello folks, I recently purchased a brand new 2013 model CRV from Classic Motors, the sole Honda distributor in Trinidad on Christmas eve day for my wife. Sadly, from that day, it has all been downhill with this vehicle--the number plate partially fell off on my way home, loose battery terminal...
  9. Steering Fluid Leak due to pipe corrosion - 2004 model

    Problems & Issues
    Hi folks, My steering fluid pump started making strange noises. A check under the bonnet revealed no fluid in the reservoir! On inspecting the system I discovered a leak - under the car - where the low pressure rubber pipe from the bulkhead meets a steel pipe running up the right-hand side of...
  10. After market hitches and corrosion

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    I want to add an after mkt trailer hitch to my 08 CRV , but have heard that after mkt hitches can lead to corrosion on the frame....Has anyone heard or experienced anything to that effect ? Thx.
  11. surface corrosion

    Problems & Issues
    Hi i am new to this forum as i have just bought a 5 year old crv... My question is with the 6 year standard corrosion warranty do you think that this would cover (a) roof where it meets the trim for the screen is starting to go as i believe there is a problem with the trim having foam at the...
  12. 07 Speaker connection corrosion

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2007 CRV with 73,000 KM operated in Ottawa Canada. I've noticed that three of my four speakers are not working and got around to removing the door panel on both driver side doors today. What I discovered was that there is corrosion on both of the speaker wiring connections. The...
  13. low tire pressure from "corrosion"??

    Problems & Issues
    my low tire pressure indicator light has been coming on a lot lately. been back and forth to the tire shop several times recently. each time they tell me the problem is "corrosion build up on the wheel that is causing the tire/wheel seal to leak". they "fix" the problem, briefly, by removing the...
  14. Steel wheel corrosion

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    After the first winter on my ’08 CR-V I noticed and read about others having corrosion problems on the steel wheels. On the outward part of the wheel, where the center section that mounts on the hub joins the rim (the part where the tires beads mount). I had seen a slight brown stain in the area...
  15. NY salted roads and corrosion

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Greetings - I'm looking for my first CR-V, here in Washington State. I found a 2001 EX, AWD, black, automatic, that appears flawless in the ad, and has only 37,511 miles on it. The CarFax report is clean in all ways, and verifies the asserted mileage - which of course is quite low for a...
  16. How to prevent corrosion and rust underneath?

    Maintenance and Service
    Dear all: If you look at this review, some other V owner experienced massive rust and corrosion underneath the car for some reason for his 3-months old V: Just wondering whether others also experience this, and for...
  17. CRV 2010: Brake problems and massive rust and corrosion

    Problems & Issues
    We just purchased a CRV 2010 about 4 months ago. The car ONLY has 1,600 miles on it. The car developed a thumping noise every time we stepped on the brakes. When we took it into the dealorship, they showed us that the entire bottom of the car was massively rusted and corroded. They said that...
  18. green corrosion on distributor cap

    Problems & Issues
    i just put new plug wires on, and when i opened up my distributor cap to inspect it, on the prongs that stick up, that make contact with the rotor, there was green corrosion, any ideas of what it is?
  19. Molding, Trim Clips and Corrosion Protection

    Maintenance and Service
    Being new to Honda, yes a 40 year old virgin (I wish as that train made it’s stop and went by long ago). I did not’t know what to expect when I contemplated removing some moldings. On a brand new ’08 CR-V on its second thankful. The thought was terrifying at first. Will I break them? What about...