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  1. Rear tire cover lock for soft or hard type of cover for 2004 CRV

    Trading Post
    Looking for a way to lock a hard cover to the tire so it won't get stolen like many on Maui. Heard that some where in Phillpines they have some thing thats bolts to studs on spare tire and wrap around rim and tire and use a lock? Any one else on any way please help?
  2. '98 Cargo Cover

    Hello All. Noob here. I just picked up a '98 LX from the dealership where I work part time. Question- I bought a cargo cover off EBay. The listing stated that it was for a '97-'01. It came in today and I tried to put it in. Now, maybe I'm an idiot, but I can't seem to figure out how it "stays"...
  3. Wanted: Gen 1 Cargo cover

    CR-V Owners in Europe
    Hey folks, Love the forum, its given me some great ideas of what i can do to my CRV. I've had it just over a year and not done anyhing to it. My CRV is a Gen 1 2000 Camel trophy, Apparently its a limited edition. Not heard too much about them on the forums. Anyway. I'm gonna Change the...
  4. Gen 1 - CR-V Cargo Cover

    Hi everyone - just got my 2nd Gen One - had to sell my old one in UK as I was emigrating. Got one today and the Cargo Cover is missing. Anyone have any ideas where I can gety one and get it to Melbourne? Any help will be appreciated. David
  5. Spare tire cover

    Does anyone know where I could buy a plain black, rigid, spare tire cover so that I can add my own graphics? I live in Canada.
  6. Cosmic Grey Metallic back wheel cover

    hope someone can help me just bought 2005 Honda CRV and it came with a leather back wheel cover and I would like to buy a hard cover for it in the colour of Cosmic Grey. Does anyone know where I can buy one please. I have seached the net for and no luck thanks blondygilbert
  7. WTB: cargo cover

    Trading Post
    Hi, anybody who sells CRV 2007 cargo cover? can be new or used one Thanks
  8. Hard Tire Cover

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Has anyone come up with a fix to keep the hard tire cover from rotating? When I look at other CR-Vs I see that I am not alone with this problem.
  9. External Spare - mystery cover

    Can anyone identify this spare cover?