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  1. Gen 5: 2017-2022 (UK 2018-2023) CR-V
    I purchased a Covercraft UVS Premier Series sunscreen for my '19 EX. I went with this, their top-end version as it was a little heavier-duty than their standard sunscreen, it included the storage bag, and I got it for the same price as a standard version via a sale/code at AG. Received the...
  2. Trading Post
    Perfect, like new Covercraft windshield sunscreen UV11502SV (silver). $50 shipped within continental US (outside, you have to cover shipping).
    Winter brings many dangers to your vehicle's paint job, if you want to securely shield it and keep it safe from most of the damages usually caused by the road debris, use our functional LeBra car bra by Covercraft. It will hide the entire front end of your Honda CR-V and protect it from...
  4. Accessories
    I won't go into all the gory details, but we have managed to purchase (2) sun shields for my wife's new CR-V. Rather than returning one for credit (minus shipping & restocking charges, plus return shipping), we're offering it here for $23 (including USPS shipping) anywhere in the US. The shield...
1-4 of 4 Results