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  1. Cracking noise when ignition is turned on

    Problems & Issues
    My purchase 2015 Honda CRV from Dealer. From very first day, I there is cracking noise with CR-V when I turn on the ignition. It is not always but intermittently. Almost 70% time. It is still under warranty. Can someone help what it could be? Should I take it back to dealer where I purchased or...
  2. Michelin Defender cracking.

    Problems & Issues
    Well, thought that I bought a good set of tires when I bought Michelin Defender. Was doing a tire rotation today. Installed by Costco in Feb. 2013. Tires are marked on the sidewall (0513) which I assumed, were manufactured in the fifth week of 2013. Now have 73,000 kms/45,400 miles. All four...
  3. Oh Crap... 2013 CR-V EXL, Paint cracking and peeling issues?

    Problems & Issues
    I was washing my car today and noticed a very small (1/2 inch) anomaly on the edge of the front left fender. 2013 EXL built in Canada. My car is cleaned weekly, waxed monthly, and maintained by the book. I'm incredibly particular with my stuff... Anyway, this is very concerning. the paint...
  4. Cracking Noise

    Problems & Issues
    Got a cracking noise on the front of a CR-V 1996 2.0L petrol Automatic 4wd. It started about 4 months ago and it only does it when you turn left or right when it's being powered and we had the front drivers side shaft and CV joint serviced including a new CV joint replaced 2 months ago. When...