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  1. Intermittent/No Start, Slow Cranking & Buzzing Sound...?

    Problems & Issues
    2008 CRV - 222,000 Miles. My CRV is having intermittent starts or no starts. If there is no start right away...I have to wait for a few seconds before I would try again in order to get it to start. When it does start...the crank over is kinda slow and isn’t as fast as what it normally would be...
  2. Buzzing sound right before starter starts cranking.

    Maintenance and Service
    When I turn the key to crank the engine, I get a buzzing sound, right before the key gets to the point where the starter engages. Could it be the starter relay making this buzzing sound? Is this a known problem? Any advice would be helpful, before I dive into trying to fix this abnormal buzz.
  3. 2002 110k intermittent starter hard cranking issue

    Problems & Issues
    once in a while usually when engine is warm/hot engine cranks slowly as though starter is struggling against an advanced timing issue then randomly will crank normally and start. sometimes when struggling starter will lockup and I have to reverse engine manually to release starter drive gear...
  4. 2002 CRV LX AWD Not cranking

    Greetings & Introductions
    My 2002 is not turning over. We tried to jump it with no success. We have taken the 1 year old battery out and had it tested. They said it was fine. We then thought it had to be the starter so we took it out and they tested that and said it was ok, but they could not say it would work under a...
  5. On which cycle cranking of starter your car is starting up?

    Other Cars, Trucks & Bikes
    On which cycle cranking of starter your car is starting up? Mine on 3rd cycle. But on my old Corolla is on the second cycle and engine fired up.
  6. Rattling/scraping noise when turning the ignition key but not yet cranking the engine

    Problems & Issues
    When I turn the ignition key on my 2003 CRV (not all the way to even crank the engine) to the point just before starting the engine there is sometimes a loud rattle or scraping noise coming from the driver side front. It appears to be coming from somewhere near the firewall dividing the driver...
  7. 2006 Honda CR-V Cranking Issue

    Problems & Issues
    I am new to this forum, and don't have a lot of experience with vehicles, so please bear with me on this. I have a 2006 CR-V, and I have been having some issues with starting the engine. The engine hasn't failed to start, but I have been having some intermittent issues. Once out of every 5-6...
  8. slow cranking on some mornings CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hi; I am new to the forums and would really appreciate some insight or help with my first CRV.It is a 2003 two whl drive that has 150K on it. I purchased it last month to replace my 97 Altima which I have driven the last 9 years.I bought my wife a 2012 Pilot in june and she has over 20K on...
  9. 2006 CRV new slow cranking.

    Problems & Issues
    Hello I'm brand new to this forum. I'm a boat or large yacht mechanic of 20 years but my girlfriend has a Honda. She said all of a sudden one day it took three turns of the key to start the car and it was turning slowly. The idle also seemed to dip down below normal just for a second or two...
  10. 2004 CR-V - Problem with Slow Engine Cranking

    Maintenance and Service
    My CR-V was purchased new and now has 170K miles. Been very well maintained by myself including plugs, coolant, trans fluid, rear dif fluid, belt, etc. This fall I've started to have a problem with SLOW ENGINE CRANKING which sounds exactly like a bad battery but it is not. Sometimes I get in...
  11. Start up Cranking power

    Problems & Issues
    OK. Seems like a low battery. Intermittent. Turns over kind of slowly several times, then will not turn over. Load tested battery and it's fully charged and tests ok. Cleaned all connections thoroughly and sealed. Tightened all terminal connections and ground. Works fine for days and then it...
  12. 2002 cr-v cranking problem

    Problems & Issues
    Hey there, I've searched the forums already for starter issues similar to mine but couldn't did anything. Here's what happens. I'm able to start the cr-v fine 2-3 times in succession. On the fourth it will crank too slow to the point that it no longer cranks the engine over but it doesn't even...
  13. Cranking an already running engine

    Maintenance and Service
    Is there any chance of damaging de engine or starter if de above is done once? U do hear an audible grinding sound . I read once somewhere that no damage happens evn though u hear de grinding , but i just wanna b sure.