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  1. 97 CRV cranks /no start

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all , First time poster here. Original Issue: Overheated due to head gasket leak What I have done so far: 1.Added Blue Devil sealent This fixed the leak. I let the CRV run for an hour solid and no issues. The next day, We drove it to work and it did not start. After towing home, the CRV...
  2. 2017 CRV Cranks for 5 seconds before starting

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    After work today, I went to start my 2017 CRV for the journey home. When I pressed the start button, the car cranked for a solid 5-10 seconds before it actually started. When I got home, I turned off the car and restarted it. The car restarted normally. As I wouldn't be able to replicate this...
  3. Newbie here! 2006 cranks, no start

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello to the wealth of knowledge! We've had this CRV since new and now she has 253,000 miles on her. My wife drove home the other night and later, the CRV would crank but would not start. Here is where I am so far. Battery is good. Ignition is firing - I pulled a plug and checked it. Plugs...
  4. 1998 Honda CR-V cranks but don't start.

    1999-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1.5)
    It was being driven than it stalled than wouldn't start again it just cranks don't turn over
  5. 2001 CRV cranks+no starts/dies while driving after full fill-up?

    Problems & Issues
    I think I've traced a full tank of gas as the culprit, if that makes any sense. I've replaced spark plugs+cables as well as the main relay board, behind the glove box. I thought I beat it each time as each time I replaced something after it wouldn't start (after a fill-up.) One time it died on...
  6. 2003 CRV used to start, now cranks but won't start - what did I do / am missing?

    Problems & Issues
    Title says it all. Daughter's 2003 CRV 160K has a CEL. Throwing P0300, P0301 - I'm grumpy codes. She scanned it yesterday, and there is a new code P0122. I've not verified this, but in the interest of full disclosure... so this morning, I swap cars, crank the CRV, pull it up to the garage...
  7. 99 CRV Cranks but won't start.

    Greetings & Introductions
    Will search database, but also introducing self. While driving, everything just stopped suddenly; cranks but not starting - not timing belt. I read somewhere re. 98 CRV has lil gray box with reset button behind glove box (kill=switch?). Could that be the problem? Do 99 CRV have one...
  8. Engine cranks normally, but takes long to start

    Problems & Issues
    Have a 2002 4WD AT RHD (Japanese export model) in a warm climate (Jamaica). Recently the car has developed a starting issue - turn the key, the engine cranks at normal speed, but it either doesn't start or it takes a few seconds before it does. It generally always starts on the second or third...
  9. 2004 cold weather, cranks fires occasionally

    Problems & Issues
    2004 cr-v 192,000 kms I have recently installed a new battery. I installed new spark plugs in the fall of 2015. The engine started well at -27 degrees C.The block heater was not plugged in so last Sunday when the temperature dropped rapidly from -4 C to -17 C. I thought it would start just...
  10. Changed ICM on 98 CRV now engine cranks but won't start

    Problems & Issues
    Hello everyone. :) Hopefully I can pointed in the right direction to go from here with my car after changing the ICM. Below are a few helpful points about my situation. Thanks for replying. 1. I changed the Ignition Control Module on my 98 CRV because the engine was cutting off while I was...
  11. 2007 CR-V EX-L intermittant A/C, tapped relays, stalledm now cranks but wont start

    Problems & Issues
    FIXED!! : intermittant A/C, tapped on relays, stalled, now cranks but wont start My 2007 Honda CR-V EX-L has run trouble free since I purchased it just over 3yrs ago. My air conditioning stopped working after lunch the other day. It worked fine on the way out to lunch, parked the car, and did...
  12. Cranks, Timing right, Compression good. TOO MUCH GAS!!! FLOODING??

    Problems & Issues
    2001 2.0 fwd AT I started out by replacing cap, rotor, plugs, wires. The rotor came loose and caused some damage. Figured it was a good time to do timing belt (126,000) everything lined up great cranked over... NOTHING. Coil was weak so i replace it too, after i tested plugs. spark timing was...
  13. 98 cranks wont start, gets fuel.

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, new to the forums, but not to crv's, or hondas. My 98 V made it home one day, but will not fire back up, it turns over, is getting gas as the smell of it shows once you've cranked enough. I checked the cap and rotor, cleaned the contacts, ensured its getting spark and still no...